• Poitiers

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Getting the Houses in Order: agenda-setting, policy-making, and legislating in the House of Lords

    Twenty years after the 1999 Reform Act was passed, this one-day conference will study the evolutions and transformations of the legislative and political abilities of the House of Lords in the British parliamentary system. Organised jointly by the MIMMOC (Université de Poitiers) and the CECILLE (Université de Lille), the conference will also adopt a comparative approach and we welcome submissions focused on the upper chambers of different countries.

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  • London

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Stages of Utopia and Dissent, 50 years on...

    15 May 1968: the Odeon theatre in Paris is occupied by students and becomes the insurgent headquarters where every night militants recount the days' action in occupied factories to an audience of people camping in the auditorium. Youth rebellion was never as mythologised as that of the French students’ fight against institutional oppression. The effects were felt across the Channel, too – but the nature of those effects was, and remains, disputed. 50 years on… where are we? What remains of autogestion and emancipatory education? What remains of theatre inventiveness and sedition? What remains of a need for participatory audiences? What remains of utopia and dissent?

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Europe

    The middle classes in the contemporary city

    Depuis les deux dernières décennies, les classes moyennes font l’objet de nombreux débats scientifiques autour de leur définition, de leurs modes de vie, de leur positionnement politique et de leurs transformations, avec par exemple le débat sur le déclassement ou celui sur la contribution des classes moyennes à la solidarité collective. En termes plus académiques, l’analyse de ces groupes intermédiaires permet d’interroger les reconfigurations sociales et les évolutions des frontières entre groupes sociaux en cours dans les sociétés contemporaines. Ce colloque propose de prolonger ces débats en se centrant plus spécifiquement sur l’analyse des rapports au territoire des classes moyennes et de leur place dans la ville contemporaine.

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