• Valenciennes | Kortrijk

    Call for papers - History

    To reconcile and to reincorporate

    Discourse, ceremonies and practices in and beyond the Iberic Monarchies

    In recent years historiography has been slowly acknowledging the potential of civil societies to restore concord after profound divisions. It also has uncovered the pacification strategies of authorities to reconcile and reincorporate individuals and social groups after periods of contestation and revolt. These complex processes are crucial to better understand the history of the Iberic monarchies, which have been able to develop a long-term government despite many crises of different origin and outlook. Hence, this conference will be focused on the themes of reconciliation and reincorporation from following four perspectives: Words, discourses and emotions (semantics and sentiments), Negotiating reconciliation (promotors and strategies), Making reconciliation work (agents and mediators, processes and forms), In the margin of reconciliations (the undecided and excluded)


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  • Grenoble

    Call for papers - America

    Mémoire, vérité et justice en Uruguay

    Pour son numéro 26 la revue ILCEA – publication de l’Institut des langues et des cultures d’Europe, d’Amérique, d’Afrique, d’Asie et d’Australie (ILCEA4) – se propose de réfléchir sur le processus de justice transitionnelle et les voies de gestion du passé traumatique en Uruguay.

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