• Birmingham

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Rights and Representations

    Foreign Language Film Conference V

    Submissions are invited for the fifth Foreign Language Film Conference, on the theme of Rights and Representations. In this historic setting of the American South, and in conjunction with Birmingham's 50th anniversary remembrance of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing, FLFC celebrates civil and human rights. Scholars will consider the question of civil rights in international cinematic traditions. How does film as an art and a genre represent civil rights, and human rights? What are the places of rebellion, terrorism, or non-violent resistance in forging individual freedoms, and how is this reflected in national cinematic traditions? How do international films address issues of discrimination, violence, repression, the struggle for social equality ? On the pedagogical side of the question, how do films about civil rights teach their viewers about international cultural and political traditions and movements ? How are these films incorporated into classroom discussions of global civil rights ?

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