• Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Time - a contemporary history of a political and scientific issue

    Histoire contemporaine d’un enjeu politique et scientifique

    Ce colloque a pour objectif de rassembler des chercheurs abordant dans leurs travaux historiques la question de l’action sur les temporalités, lorsque le temps est une catégorie explicitement utilisée (long-terme, simultanéité, attente, élaboration de séquences temporelles). Il entend dépasser l’étude du temps et des temporalités comme simple cadre ou arrière-plan de l’évolution historique des sociétés, pour encourager une historicisation du temps comme catégorie d’action à l’époque contemporaine.

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  • Freiburg

    Call for papers - History

    Accidents and the role of the State in the 20th century

    In the workshop on "Accidents and the role of the state" we want to discuss, from a historical perspective, the changing relationship between accidents and the modern state during the 20th century. Strasbourg)-FRIAS (Freiburg) joint research project on military accidents in France and Germany in the twentieth century. We are therefore especially interested in proposals that deal with the role of the military. However, relevant topics for the workshop could, of course, also come from the realm of the histories of technology, of environment, of medicine, or of the rise of the modern state. We are interested both in presentations of case studies as well as in more conceptual approaches on the topic. Contributions that deal with accidents in German and French history are highly welcome. However, the call is by no means limited to historians of France or Germany. 


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