• Montpellier

    Call for papers - Religion

    Issue for 10th anniversary of “Essachess - Journal for Communication Studies”

    This open call of ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies, celebrating its 10th anniversary, intends to offer a panoramic, a pluridisciplinary and an open view on the matters related to information and communication sciences by bringing together scholars and researches from different disciplinary fields which present new tendencies in terms of theories, concepts, methodologies, empirical results, etc. The rich articulation of different scientific points of view on a large diversity of topics and the impact of new emerging themes (especially related to the digitalization) on communication sciences are the main objective of this non thematic issue.

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  • Montpellier

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Religion(s), secularity(ies), society(ies) and the digital humanities turn

    3rd International Conference ComSymbol

    The objective of this conference is to provide answers to two major issues: How religions being conquered by digital technologies are expanding and renewing their community life experiences and their social networks by generating new symbols and signifiers whose rapid spread in the public sphere is based on the development of innovative forms of production of science and knowledge circulation? How scholars, communication professionals, social activists, journalists, political, industrial and economic stakeholders are involved in the social transformation that accompanies the keen interest of religions for digital technologies and how to understand these distinct but interrelated changes?

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Religions on the Internet

    Association française de sciences sociales des religions (AFSR) annual conference

    Depuis les années 1990, internet s’est développé dans tous les champs de la vie sociale. Le religieux participe pleinement de cette évolution et toutes les religions – religions instituées ou religieux plus diffus – sont présents sur la toile. Pour la première fois en France, ce colloque rassemble sur ce thème des chercheurs de diverses sciences sociales, français et étrangers parmi lesquels des pionniers en ce domaine. Il entend faire l’analyse en profondeur des relations qu’entretiennent le religieux et internet en traitant notamment des questions suivantes : concepteurs et usagers du paysage virtuel religieux ; impact direct d’Internet sur le religieux ; articulations entre le virtuel et le réel.

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