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  • Rome

    Call for papers - History

    Merchants, jurists and other "intermediate groups" in Early Modern Southern Europe

    Merchants, farmers, jurists, clerks in large institutions, secretaries, independent landowners, local elites and highly sought master craftsmen, among many others, are individuals with an ambiguous social status. Looking at who was not born exactly noble, nor exactly commoner, but stood on the border between one world and the other, is one of the goals of this initiative. As part of a project developed in Portugal focusing on the Holy Office’s familiaturas, it will be held on September 16 and 17, 2015, a workshop at Escuela Española de Historia and Archaeological in Rome. Our aim is to select a total of 8 applicants, that will be joined by 4 guest speakers, for a joint reflection on the dynamics and profiles of ‘intermediate groups’, as well as on the methodologies for their study in Early Modern Times.

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  • Coimbra

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    International Symposium on Anthropology and Natural Disasters

    Organized within the framework of the three branches of the PhD course in Anthropology - Social and Cultural Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology - this symposium aims to discuss the impact of natural disasters in the human life in an interdisciplinary approach. The International Symposium on Anthropology and Natural Disasters will offer the possibility for a complementary dialogue between the various fields of anthropology, in the understanding and resolution of problems, and in the promotion of new research avenues.


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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Research Video Festival on the Slave Trade, Slavery and their Legacies

    Over the last five years, the International Research Center on Slaveries (CIRESC / France) has organized the “Research video festival on the slave trade, slavery and their legacies”, in collaboration with the Oral History and Visual Studies Laboratory of the Federal University of Fluminense (LABHO / Brazil) and the Interuniversity Research Center on Literature, Arts and Traditions of the University of Laval (CELAT / Canada). The festival targets scholars or non-scholars conducting research in the social and human sciences on the slave trade, slavery and their legacies, and who are using videos to disseminate their findings. The main goal is to foster, circulate and promote the production of films on these issues.

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