• Münster

    Call for papers - Representation

    Heraldry in Medieval and Early Modern State-Rooms

    Towards a Typology of Heraldic Programmes in Spaces of Self-Representation

    Heraldry was an ubiquitous element of state-rooms. Whether in palaces of kings and princes, castles of noblemen, residences of patricians, city halls or in cathedral chapters, heraldic display was a crucial element in  the visual programme of these spaces. Despite its omnipresence, however, heraldic display in state-rooms remains largely understudied so far. This workshop aims to explore these heraldic programmes in state-rooms in medieval and early modern Europe and to suggest an initial typology of this phenomenon. 

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  • Leeds

    Call for papers - History

    Medieval Equestrianism: Theory and Practice

    Thematic Sections at International Medieval Congress (Leeds 2016)

    We invite paper proposals for sections on medieval equestrianism, to take place during the International Medieval Congress at Leeds 2016. 

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    Producing the History of Fashion in the West

    This international symposium will provide a multidisciplinary analysis of museum and university discourses, concepts, experiments and experiences, and of their intellectual origins and the institutional frameworks within which they are produced across diverse local and national contexts. The aim is to better understand the various ways of tackling the subject so as to highlight new areas of research convergence, thereby giving new impetus to international cooperation.

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  • Oxford

    Conference, symposium - Language

    How to write the Great War?

    Francophone and Anglophone poetics

    L'objet de ce colloque international sera d'interroger, à travers des perspectives littéraires, historiques, stylistiques et linguistiques, les littératures de témoignage anglophones et francophones de la Grande Guerre, en éclairant les moyens que mobilisèrent les écrivains pour répondre aux bouleversements occasionnés par le conflit. Une attention particulière sera accordée aux évolutions de la langue, des genres ou encore du personnel romanesque, mais aussi à leurs permanences respectives, tout aussi instructives dans l'optique d'une saisie des enjeux éthiques, esthétiques et politiques de la période.

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  • León

    Call for papers - History

    Hispanic World: Culture, Art and Society

    1st International Congress of Young Researchers at University of León

    Le Ier congrès international de jeunes chercheurs à l'université de León invite tous les jeunes chercheurs (tous ceux qui n’ont pas obtenu leur thèse au moment du Congrès) qui travaillent sous les lignes thématiques suivantes : le monde hispanique et l'analyse des sources ; société, religion et monarchie hispanique ; création et parrainage artistique ; les manifestations textuelles orales et écrites.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - History

    The Vico Road

    Giovanni Battista Vico (1668–1744) spent most of his professional life as Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Naples. He was trained in jurisprudence, but read widely in Classics, philology, and philosophy, all of which informed his highly original views on history, historiography, and culture. His thought is most fully expressed in his mature work, the Scienza Nuova or The New Science. In his own time, Vico was relatively not so known, but from the nineteenth century onwards his views found a wider audience and today his influence is widespread in the humanities and social sciences. While borrowing our title “The Vico Road” to James Joyce, the conference at the Paris Institute of Advanced Study will examine the current state of the study of the works of Giambattista Vico. We will try to encourage discussion of ideas that can be considered Vichian in nature and that have some affinity with modern and contemporary thought.

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  • Montreal

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication – Comic Art Working Group

    Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015

    The Comic Art Working Group, founded in 1984 by John A. Lent, is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. As part of that occasion, the group hopes to have a full program of papers for the 2015 IAMCR conference in Montreal. Papers on any aspect of comic art are requested, such as political, advertising, or gag cartoons, newspaper strips, comic books, graphic novels, humor /cartoon periodicals, animation, and caricature.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    "Lesbian"/Female Same-Sex Sexualities in Africa

    Special Issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies

    The multiple configurations of same-sex practices and relationships across the African continent, alongside the problematic notion of homosexual, “lesbian,” and “queer” identities in the African context, have been addressed by various scholarly publications in the past couple of decades. Yet same-sex interactions, relationships, and politics between African women have not garnered significant attention either in feminist/queer studies or in African studies, and remain largely unrepresented in academic writings. This special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies proposes to fill this scholarly gap by exploring this topic from a variety of cultural and disciplinary perspectives. Contributions by scholars on the African continent are particularly welcome.

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