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  • Viena

    Convocatoria de ponencias - Europa

    Mapping Multilingualism in XIXth-Century European Literature: Closing the Gap between Past and Present

    International Comparative Literature Association XXIst Congress

    This section of International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA – July 2016, Vienna, Austria) proposes an investigation into XIXth-century European literary multilingualism, particularly into the period from 1800 to 1880. All areas of European literature will be considered. The term "multilingualism" as used in this section includes all kinds of code-mixing, either in single literary texts or in multiple texts produced by the same author.

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  • Bruselas

    Coloquio - Asia

    Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage. See, Listen and Share

    SOIMA 2015 International Conference

    The conference is based on the collective experience of ICCROM’s multi-partner programme on Sound and Image Collections Conservation (SOIMA), which organized five capacity building initiatives (four international and one regional) in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America during 2007-2014. Building on SOIMA’s global insights from bringing together 89 sound and image professionals from 55 countries to date, the 2015 conference is making a strong case for looking beyond professional and institutional boundaries, actively listening to each other and sharing strategies to ensure a safe and creative tomorrow for sound and image heritage. The conference aims to promote the sound and image heritage held by diverse and lesser-known cultural and research institutions, as well as individual collectors.

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  • Leeds

    Convocatoria de ponencias - Historia

    The Dominican Order in the Middle Ages

    En 2016, l'Ordre dominicain fêtera son 800e anniversaire. Au Moyen Âge, il joua un rôle crucial dans toute l'Europe, en particulier dans les débats sur la prédication et la pastorale, l'hérésie et l'Inquisition, la pauvreté et la richesse. Pour marquer cet anniversaire, plusieurs sessions de l'International Medieval Congress (IMC) de Leeds porteront sur les débuts de l'histoire de l'ordre. Elles viseront à faire le point sur l'état de la recherche et à mettre en place un réseau de chercheuses et chercheurs issus de pays différents.

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  • Viena

    Convocatoria de ponencias - Pensamiento

    Theory in Love

    International Comparative Literature Association XXIst Congress - session 17327

    In The Politics of Friendship Derrida reflects on the question of the indecidable possibility, the “peut-être,” of love, of friendship, and of desire: “‘Je t'aime entends- tu?’; cette déclaration d'aimance hyperbolique ne pourrait donner sa chance à une politique de l'amitié que soumise à l'épreuve du peut-être, de l'indécidable” How then can we express a refusal, a no, without listening, without hearing? How can one express the divergent and differential possibilities opened by this phrase? And yet Derrida already has, in Envois, where he explores, theorizes and dramatizes a love affair, tracing the course of its refusal in the various postcards and letters which remain unsent, forever awaiting their destination. This panel concerns theory speaking in terms of love, seeking to establish the relationship between “ l’âmour” and theory.

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  • Bruselas

    Convocatoria de ponencias - Historia

    Empire, Labour, Citizenship

    Around Frederick Cooper. Current Researches on Globalization

    Since the second half of the 19th century, accelerations in the processes of globalisation profoundly shaped and transformed human communities throughout the world. The conference aims at putting forward current researches in human sciences focusing on the concepts of empire, labour and citizenship and their connections with the long-term history of mankind. The presence in Brussels of Pr. Frederick Cooper (New York University), a leading scholar in (post)colonial African studies who dedicated a significant part of his work to these issues, will provide participants with a unique insight on their contribution.  The conference will also provide a rare occasion to further exchanges between specialists of various fields and areas.

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  • Annapolis

    Convocatoria de ponencias - Sociología

    Women Serving in the Armed Forces: Shaping Modern Values and Beyond

    Traditionally, women have been excluded from many roles in the military, most especially combat roles.  In recent years, however, that has all changed, first unofficially, and finally officially: women have been de facto serving in combat roles for the last decade or so, and the first female candidates have been or in all probability soon will be admitted to Marine Corps Infantry training and the US Army Ranger School.  

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  • Beca, premio y empleo - Historia

    American Art in Translation Book Prize

    Terra Foundation for American Art / Yale University Press

    The Terra Foundation for American Art, in partnership with Yale University Press, is offering a new prize for an unpublished manuscript or previously published manuscript in a language other than English written by a non-U.S. author. The manuscript should make a significant contribution to scholarship on the historical visual arts of what is now the geographic United States.

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