• Shanghai

    Summer School - Political studies

    The governance of socio-ecological systems

    Exploring the land-ocean continuum: coastal zones, river deltas, islands and wetlands

    East China Normal University is hosting a Summer School on the Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems (SES), which is a rapidly emerging issue in many environment related disciplines and especially sustainability science. The GOSES Summer School is organized together with the University of Reims and SENSE (Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

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  • Plouzané | Porspoder

    Summer School - Political studies

    Governance of socio-ecological systems

    Exploring the land-ocean continuum: Coastal zones, river deltas, islands and wetlands

    The European University Institute of the Sea of Brest is hosting a summer school on the governance of socio-ecological systems (GOSES), which is a rapidly emerging issue in many environment related disciplines and especially sustainability science. The GOSES summer school is organized jointly by the CNRS (French National Research Council) and SENSE (Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    State, Society, Market and Europe (RESuME papers)

    ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet Action

    The Resources on the European socio-economic model (RESuME) project, co-funded by the Erasmus+Jean Monnet Action for Institutions and the University of Luxembourg, aims to contribute to the study of the European socio-economic model, its origins, current characteristics and future development. The project focuses on the interaction between society, economic players and public authorities, through the prism of the notion of European competitiveness. It draws on the disciplines of contemporary history, law, economics, political science, political philosophy and sociology. To shed further light on this subject, the RESuME project is creating an innovative new series of scholarly contributions: the ‘State, Society, Market and Europe’ Research Papers (RESuME Papers).

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  • Bogotá

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Cities and conflicts in Latin America: yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Territorios, the journal of urban and regional studies - No 36, 1st semester 2017

    La revue Territorios convoque des chercheurs nationaux et internationaux pour la réalisation d'un numéro thématique sur le thème « Villes et conflits en Amérique latine : hier, aujourd'hui et demain ». La revue accepte des articles présentant des réflexions générales ou des études de cas relatives à des villes latino-américaines et construites depuis les différentes disciplines des sciences sociales.

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  • Baku

    Call for papers - Economy

    10th Annual World Customs Organization PICARD Conference

    The World Customs Organization (WCO) and the Azerbaijan Customs are pleased to announce the 10th annual WCO PICARD conference. The conference will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 8 to 10 September 2015. Papers should focus on Customs or, more globally, the regulation, dynamics, and practices of the international trade of goods. The WCO encourages attendance and paper submissions from anthropologists, economists, geographers, historians, lawyers, and political scientists. The WCO is particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches regarding contemporary systems of regulation and control at borders.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Asia

    Islam and Regional Cultures in Pakistan

    CEIAS conference

    With the hope of throwing new light on the transformations of Pakistani society, this one-day conference intends to move the focus away from two dominant discourses on Pakistan : that is, on the one hand, the security discourse of political and media circles that reduces Pakistan to a state on the fringe of failure, trying to cope with radical Islam and terrorism; and, on the other hand, Pakistan’s official nationalism, which rests on a unitary conception of the nation that disregards the cultural and religious diversity of the country, stressing instead Islam and Urdu as national unifiers while relegating regional cultures to folklore. This conference hopes to partly fill this gap by inviting participants to illustrate the complex, lived experience of Islam in Pakistan, the identity component of religious practices that do not fit in the dominant norm, and their inscription in local political and ethnic relations. Papers would ideally use first-hand observation and/or analyses of cultural productions to examine circumscribed case studies.

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    Ethnic or national minorities. Between renewal and permanence

    Belgéo Review

    The coordinaters of this issue of he Belgéo review plan to reflect about the "ethnic or national minorities", two polysemous concepts here perceived in a way opened to interpretation even if they are inscribed in P. Poutignat and J. Streiff-Fénart’s definition, when they state that these groups “only exist thanks to the subjective belief their members share that they constitute a community.” The minority group is dialectically linked to the existence of a majority. It can be said “ethnic” because of racial parameters but above all because of the presence of linguistic, religious, cultural or other discriminating and specific markers. The will to be different expresses itself in various ways – instutional or not – and leads to very diverse situations, located between resistance and cooperation, forced integration and autonomy. The way to name places, individuals, but also their status – granted or claimed for – their visibility in the social and political space, are elements characterizing the notion of “otherness”.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Political studies

    26th International Climate Policy PhD workshop

    For thirteen years, the ICP workshops series has been organized semi-annually under the auspices of the informal European PhD Network on International Climate Policy. It offers doctoral candidates the opportunity to present their research ideas and results, receive feedback, and exchange information and assistance in an informal setting. PhD students from all disciplines working on topics relevant to climate policy and environmental economics are invited to submit applications.

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  • Saint-Denis

    Call for papers - Modern

    Between generational continuities and ruptures: Research on the Algerian war of independence Fifty years later

    La guerre d’indépendance algérienne, en tant qu’événement fondateur majeur de l’après-seconde guerre mondiale, peut constituer, en termes de « générations », un espace-temps bien défini et homogène. Dès lors, il est légitime de mieux comprendre et d’interroger la nouveauté des paradigmes d’une génération de chercheurs inscrits dans un champ de recherche en construction. Peut-on déceler des ruptures ou des continuités dans les objets, les sujets, les méthodes, les approches macro et micro-historiques ? Quelle place les sources ont-elles dans ces travaux ? Existe-t-il des changements entre les travaux qui se veulent plus larges et exhaustifs et ceux qui se fondent sur des aspects plus localisés ? Quels sont les déplacements de paradigmes explicatifs que l’on peut observer ? Cette nouvelle génération évite-t-elle encore les présupposés idéologiques liés à une mémoire militante ? Au-delà des résultats et conclusions des travaux, le colloque devra aussi mettre en exergue les méthodes, les matériaux, les perspectives d’enquêtes engagés. Une attention particulière sera accordée aux propositions des doctorants et jeunes chercheurs.

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  • Evora

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Local vocabularies of “heritage”: Variations, Negotiations, Transformations

    First congress of the Network of the Researchers on Heritagisations and the Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades da Universidade de Évora. The central idea of this symposium is to carry out an international comparison of vocabulary variants and local linguistic uses of "heritage", both in the context of contact with international institutions and in the limited one of indigenous and customary uses. The symposium therefore proposes to take seriously the emic definitions and redefinitions of "indigenous terms" and to draw up a critical inventory of them, by going beyond the fiction of a continuous and globalized homogeneous "heritage" field. A comparative analysis and the confrontation of related concepts in the different local vocabularies would also make it possible to get the measure of the transactions, mutations, misunderstandings and transfers that may arise from the global contact initiated in cultural exchanges over the last two centuries.

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