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    Call for papers - Modern

    Myth and Audiovisual Creation

    V International Conference on Mythcriticism

    The V International Conference on Mythcriticism “Myth and Audiovisual Creation” will analyze the impact of myth in audiovisual creation from 1900 to the present day. The Conference will be organized in four universities during two weeks.The Conference will be divided into 4 venues according to different themes: "Germanic Myths" in the University of Alcalá, "Classical Myths" in the University Autónoma, "Biblical Myths" in the University Francisco de Vitoria and "Modern Myths" in the University Complutense. Researchers can send to one of their 4 venues their abstracts. They will have to analyze the relevance of film, TV series and video games in the creation and modification of old, medieval and modern myths to our contemporary world.


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  • Call for papers - History

    Purity and Impurity

    Hamsa. Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies, nº 2

    “Purity” and “Impurity” establish themselves as structural categories in both Islam and Judaism, embracing dimensions as diverse as the body, food, clothing and even space itself. The 2nd issue of the journal Hamsa will be devoted to this wide-ranging theme, seeking to obtain diachronic historical perspectives. To this effect, we aim to promote the analysis of interfaith relationships, in those instances where purity and impurity are projected in contacts with the Other. Those dimensions concern not only the minorities, but also affect Christianitas itself, through interiorization of these concepts and their application to minority communities (as is the case, for example, with limpeza de sangue - “cleanliness of blood”).

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