• Call for papers - America

    Power and media, media power Insights on the Americas

    Insights on the Americas

    For its 11th issue, RITA proposes to interrogate the links between power and media in the Americas. Several areas of debate can be suggested, although they should not be considered as exclusive. Articles making a critical analysis of official media as well as opposition media, in varied historical and geographical contexts, will of course be welcome. Other articles may deal with the treatment of popular movements by the media. Critical reflections on the relationship between media and economic power are also encouraged. The Thema section can also include analysis of the current diversification of information media by focusing, for instance, on the emergence of “alternative” media on the Internet, or on the power of fake news over the construction of collective representations.

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  • Coimbra

    Call for papers - Europe

    Debater a Europa Journal

    First International Conference

    This is a journal linked to the Europe Direct Information Centre of Aveiro, to Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Twentieth Century, University of Coimbra - CEIS20, in partnership with the Office of the European Parliament in Portugal and with the Representation of European Commission in Portugal. The first International Conference of the Journal Debating Europe will be dedicated to the study, analysis, debate on the political, economic, diplomatic, social and cultural transformations occurring within the European project.

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