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    With over three million visits per month to its platforms, OpenEdition has become an important actor in humanities and social sciences publishing portal, all thanks to you. In 2009, our first survey gave us a chance to identify the Revues.org readership, and you shared your ideas and expectations with us. Today, we have a new survey for you, covering the full range of our academic communication platforms, which will enable us to find out more about you and improve our services.

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    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Memorias no hegemónicas y vitalidad de las culturas populares

    Llamado a comunicaciones para el Simposio 57 del VII congreso internacional CEISAL: Memoria, presente y porvenir en América Latina. Junio 2013 en Oporto, Portugal. Memorias no hegemónicas y vitalidad de las culturas popularesMemórias não hegemônicas e vitalidade das culturas populares Área de Antropología, Patrimonio, Religión, Ciudadanía, derecho y movimientos sociales, Historia, memoria e historiografía, y Pluralismo cultural, religioso y jurídico cierre del llamado: 1 de noviembre 2012

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