• Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    Nostalgia in the Theatre

    Homesickness, fantasy of a Golden Age, vintage fad, “morbus helveticus”, or simply outdatedness, nostalgia does not have a set definition. Rather, it constitutes a cultural praxis whose forms and meanings evolve continuously between three spatio-temporal poles: the space-time of actors mobilizing nostalgia as a practice, the space-time of the desired object, and the space-time of researchers who study these phenomena. The colloquium “Nostalgia in the Theatre” aims to open a new field of research in theatre studies by focusing attention on the study of the mobilization and the rhetoric of nostalgia in the theatre. Researchers are encouraged to identify and problematize how nostalgia as a practice has been used in the theatre in the past and how it is used in contemporary performing arts today in order to better understand how theatrical practices can generate a counter-history or alternative historical narratives. 

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  • Le Mans

    Call for papers - History

    Missions, museums and scientific collections: when missionaries spread the word of science

    With the organization of this international workshop, we hope to gather historians, anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers and other researchers to come back on the ambiguous ties that might have brought missionaries and scientists together in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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  • Rende

    Call for papers - History

    Images, representations and the imagination of the Self and the Other : Confronting scholarly and popular cultures to contribute to the stabilisation of the Congo

    Le colloque propose une confrontation interdisciplinaire sur les représentations du Soi et de l’Autre, réservant une attention particulière à la confrontation des cultures savantes et populaires en République démocratique du Congo. Inspiré par l’expérience du projet « Mémoire de Lubumbashi », ce colloque international vise à renouveler le débat autour du rapport entre culture savante et culture populaire par des contributions à caractère historique et/ou ethnographique sur le passé colonial et postcolonial, et sur les recompositions sociales contemporaines (appartenances régionale / ethnique, rapports entre générations, mutations/redéfinition des rapports de genre).

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