• Montreal

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Borders, walls and violence

    Costs and Alternatives to Border Fencing

    More border walls and border fences are being built every year all across the world. Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, and Tunisia are among the latest to announce yet another border fence. Twenty-five years ago it was believed that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reconfiguration of international relations would open an age of globalization in which States would become obsolete, ushering in a world without borders. In the wake of 9/11, however, borders came back in light, new borders were created and new border walls erected. In the wake of the Arab Spring, came even more border barriers and walls, symbols that were thought to have disappeared with the collapse of the bipolar international system. Today, they reinforce borderlines the world over, transforming both soft and semi-permeable borders alike into sealed, exclusionary hard borders. Walls are symbols of identity reaffirmation, markers of State sovereignty, instruments of dissociation, locus of a growing violence.

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  • Quebec City

    Call for papers - Political studies

    The evaluation of theoretical approaches of the analysis of civil conflict in Africa

    81st ACFAS conference

    Dans une approche pluridisciplinaire, ce colloque envisage moins de proposer de nouvelles hypothèses explicatives qu’une évaluation critique des nombreuses hypothèses concurrentes sur l’analyse des conflits en Afrique. Outre une contribution à la recherche académique sur les lumières et les ombres des analyses des conflits en Afrique, ce colloque entend également contribuer à une meilleure épistémologie ainsi qu’à une meilleure méthodologie de l’étude des conflits civils tout en prenant en compte les dynamiques des sociétés africaines ainsi que les enjeux géopolitiques et stratégiques de ces conflits.

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