• Guyancourt

    Convocatoria de ponencias - Época contemporánea

    Globalisation and Minor Cultural Groups

    The role of so-called minority people in rethinking the future of modern societies

    Minority groups, whose way of life has historically suffered from globalization, are often cited as victims of global processes, but they are rarely studied for the techniques or technologies of accommodation and resistance they have implemented as a response to global processes— the most devastating of these processes being colonization in its various aspects. Indeed, globalist literature does not yet offer a conceptualization or theorizing of the social, cultural, political and territorial continuity of “minorized” cultures, let alone does it afford enough analytical space to these so-called cultural minorities in the process of questioning the values and practices of globalization. Therefore, this conference will participate in building more connections between different experiences  in order to think up the best alternatives to the global economic and political system in place and to the way of life brought about by global phenomena which do not work anymore. 

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