• Rome

    Call for papers - History

    The Agreements of the Holy See with States (19th-21st Centuries)

    Models and Transformations, from Confessional States to Religious Freedom

    This conference will explore the international legal agreements signed between the Holy See and individual states, which often but not always took the form of concordats and similar conventions. Its central focus will be to examine these conventions in light of diplomatic practices, as well as in relation to the political and religious dynamics of the nineteenth through the twenty-first centuries, notably the principles and requirements that comprised modernity. This entails assessing the historical evolution of the typology, method, content, scope, and spaces concerned.

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  • Florence

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Political solitude. Between participation, marginalization, and indifference

    The XXXII cycle of “Social and Political Change” doctoral course, University of Turin and University of Florence, presents the first Interdisciplinary Conference on Social and Political Change on the theme of Political solitude. Between participation, marginalization, and indifference. The conference aims to be a reflection upon the theme of political solitude, from the perspectives of sociology, political science and political theory; this interdisciplinary conference is born guided by the aim to build possible connections between multiple disciplinary “islands”. It will take place in Florence, 25th and 26th of January 2018, University of Florence, Political and Social Sciences Department.

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  • Bologna

    Call for papers - History

    Living underground as a strategy for political struggle. Modes, discourses and social dynamics from the 19th century until today

    Cette journée d'études doctorale internationale a pour objectif de questionner la clandestinité en tant que catégorie d'analyse : au-delà de la dissimulation qui caractérise la plupart des actes illégaux ou transgressifs, quelles sont les caractéristiques des luttes politiques qui choisissent de s'organiser dans une illégalité prolongée ? Quels parallèles peut-on tracer, quelles oppositions et quelles évolutions depuis le XIXe siècle ? La variété des situations interroge la valeur heuristique du concept lui-même.

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