• Chicago

    Call for papers - Modern

    European and global responses to the concept of “literary engagement” between 1945 and 1968

    ACLA 2020 panel

    The question of “engagement” (or commitment) became one of the defining elements of post-WWII literature and was, for a long period, at the center of the discussions about the relationship between aesthetics and politics in several European countries. Commonly associated with the name of Jean-Paul Sartre, the success of the notion of “committed literature,” however, went well beyond the French national space. This panel focuses on the transnational circulation of the concept of “committed literature” and, more broadly, on the circulation of related notions, such as writers’ “responsibility,” as well as on any type of counter-discourse or counter-theory targeting “committed literature.”  We would like to explore the different degrees of transnational propagation and dissemination of these debates both in regions that absorbed the intellectual debates taking place in France and in the case of countries which remained more impermeable to them. 

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  • Grenoble

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Mobilizing Voters in the United States and the United Kingdom: political strategies from parties and grassroots organizations (1867 – 2017)

    Following two different and yet complementary approaches (one from the top down with parties and the other from the bottom up with grassroots organizations), we propose to compare how potential voters have been appealed to, through the use of different strategies and tools of communication”. Whether it be organizations or parties, it will be interesting to analyze how these groups either (re)connect citizens with politics or give birth to social movements which durably occupy the political landscape of the United States and the United Kingdom. Common features may be observed along with distinct approaches particularly adapted to the specificity of each country concerned.

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