• Grenoble

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Mobilizing Voters in the United States and the United Kingdom: political strategies from parties and grassroots organizations (1867 – 2017)

    Following two different and yet complementary approaches (one from the top down with parties and the other from the bottom up with grassroots organizations), we propose to compare how potential voters have been appealed to, through the use of different strategies and tools of communication”. Whether it be organizations or parties, it will be interesting to analyze how these groups either (re)connect citizens with politics or give birth to social movements which durably occupy the political landscape of the United States and the United Kingdom. Common features may be observed along with distinct approaches particularly adapted to the specificity of each country concerned.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - History

    Defining and defying the concept of deviance and degeneration in the British Isles and North America in the 19th century

    This one-day conference aims at exploring the definition(s) and contours of deviance and degeneration as it was conceived in the British Isles and North America in the 19th century. PhD students, postgraduate students and junior scholars whose research pertains to the study of deviant groups, whether self-defined or not, are particularly welcome to participate. Speakers will be invited to focus on the processes of definition of the standards of normality – whether religious, social, political, legal, medicalor sexual – as well as what those processes entailed for those who were labelled ‘deviants’. The role of scientists, doctors but also political authorities is of considerable interest in this respect, as are the ways in which normative standards were circumvented and challenged.

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  • Paris

    Study days - History

    Britons and Americans in Transnational Projects, 1830s-1914

    Anglo-Saxonism and Anglobalisation in Question

    Les relations anglo-américaines sont abordées le plus souvent dans le cadre de l’histoire des relations internationales et de la diplomatie. Nous proposons de les étudier plutôt à travers l’histoire de projets internationaux, qu’ils relèvent du commerce et des affaires ou qu’ils poursuivent des objectifs politiques ou réformateurs au sens large. Le but de la journée d’études est de préciser dans quelles circonstances britanniques et américains évoquent leur histoire et leurs traditions communes, ou à l’inverse mettent l’accent sur ce qui les différencie. D’une manière plus générale, il s’agit d’enrichir la réflexion sur les pratique et les cultures de « l’anglo-saxonisme » au XIXe siècle.

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