• Seminar - Thought

    Semiotics in Algerian Academia

    State of the Art and Prospects

    Semiotics is a well-established discipline in European academia. However, it is a relatively new one in Algerian universities. Since the 1980s, semiotics has not ceased searching for its institutional place, especially in the fields of arts, languages, and communication sciences; and this has been undertaken within diverse areas of studies and diverse multilingual vistas. This scientific legacy that has been accumulated for nearly three decades deserves to undergo a retrospective synthesis and reappraisal. This will enable review the great articulations traced by semiotics in different research areas (literature, linguistics, communication, architecture, etc.). The upcoming colloquium will thus attempt to sketch an historical overview of semiotics in Algerian academia, from introductory courseson theory and methodology in undergraduate curricula, to more specialized and in-depth courses on the theoretical and epistemological foundations in graduate and postgraduate levels. It also intends to outline an overview of the somehow vivid scientific activity that has led to diverse and rich scientific production.

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  • Paris

    Seminar - Africa

    The manufacture of literature from the South

    Seminar 2018-2019

    Le groupe « Approches sociales des littératures des Suds » a pour objectif de rassembler les recherches entreprises autour des littératures des Suds, principalement africaines. Le séminaire 2018-2019 vise à appréhender sans exclusive la/les fabrique/s de ces littératures et leurs déploiements historiques et sociaux, à la faveur d’une première série de rencontres mettant l’accent sur la dimension méthodologique et réflexive. 

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