• Bielefeld

    Conference, symposium - History

    The Renaissance of Mineral Springs in Italy and Europe 1200-1600

    History, Culture and Ideas/Imagery

    From the 14th century thermalism flourished in Italy, Europe and, last but not least, in the German Empire. Because of the elitist patients, who come from afar to visit the baths, ancient springs are revitalized, new ones developed, and extended with a sophisticated infrastructure. Simultaneously to a changed body culture an autonomous balneological discourse emerges for the first time, which feeds on ancient and Arabic sources and on empirical observations made at this time. In addition to the miraculous, the special social conditions one experiences during a stay at a spa far away from home are reflected upon primarily in contemporary literature, but also in painting, in which the ancient tradition plays an important role. Our conference aims at bringing together different disciplinary and national approaches to a topic that is flourishing, but has so far been treated only sporadically.

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