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    Conference, symposium - Africa

    Portugal and Africa

    Accounts, connections, identities (fifteenth – eighteenth centuries)

    Récits, connexions, identités. Retour sur l'histoire de l'Afrique et notamment sur ce que l'on appelle la « présence portugaise ». Le colloque cherche à mettre en lumière la spécificité des différents acteurs et leurs modes d'interaction à l'échelle locale et globale et à nuancer la vision pour le moins monolithique des Portugais en Afrique et de leurs relations avec leurs interlocuteurs africains.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Africa

    Christian and Islamic Manuscripts: A Comparative Approach (12th–20th century)

    Since the middle of the first millennium of our era, Ethiopia has seen the development of two manuscript book cultures which seem to have evolved separately, on geopolitical territories for a long time distinct, in the service of different religions and administrations. These manuscript cultures also developed in various languages and scripts which have compartmentalised research on the subject. Research today into Ethiopian manuscripts as Islamic and Christian renews the questions as to the points of contact between the histories of these books: whether they were produced in Ethiopia, or whether they are to be sought in the exchanges between Ethiopia and neighbouring countries, as they left their mark in the texts or in the different aspects of manuscript books. One could also investigate other traditions and manuscript practices which existed in the same area.

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