• Call for papers - Europe

    The social before the sociological rereading 19th-century social thinking

    Thematic issue of L'Année sociologique. Guest editor : François Vatin. Volume 67 / 2017, issue 2

    It is customary to locate the birth of sociology in the final years of the 19th century. In this respect, the case of France is particularly significant, with the publication of Émile Durkheim’s The Rules of Sociological Method in 1895. Rightly or wrongly, Durkheim’s founding act, more or less transposed into the other intellectual traditions, nevertheless led the variously named schools of social thought that had preceded it - social science, social physiology, social philosophy, social physics, etc. – to be relegated to the dark ages of “prehistory”. It is not the goal of this call for papers to rehabilitate forgotten social traditions, to deny the break that occurred at the end of the 19th century or to diminish the importance of the survey in sociological inquiry. It is to reflect on the pertinence for contemporary sociology of reading the works that preceded the moment conventionally accepted as the birth of sociology.

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  • Budapest

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Counter-enlightenment, Revolution and Dissent

    Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence / PJCV

    Reason and rational modes of thought are often seen as the bastion against the acceleration of conflict into violence and the goal of the Enlightenment tradition was, in a large part, to liberate individuals from those irrational superstitions and beliefs which were at the base of these conflicts. However, many critiques of the Enlightenment project, both historical and more contemporary, see the imposition of universal reason as itself a form violence, ignoring claims of comprehensive traditions, identity and history on the individual. The aim of this special edition of the Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence is to examine possible counter-enlightenment approaches to violence, conflict and conflict resolution.

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