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    Call for papers - History

    Captives, recruited, migrants: Empires and labor mobilization

    From XVIIth century to present days

    This workshop starts from the hypothesis that warfare and labor are strongly connected in Empire building and their evolution, to begin with war captives in early modern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and to continue with the various forms of recruitment in land and maritime empires in all those areas. Captives as well as local peasants were soldiers, seamen, and colonists at the same time. Forms of forced recruitment were still important in the XIXth century (the press system in Britain and its variations in the Empire, recruitments in Russia) and continued in the XXth century, in Europe during the wars, outside of Europe during and after colonization and decolonization up through nowadays children soldiers.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Plague, resource, outlet: visions and uses of urban rivers (18th-20th centuries)

    Theme issue of Geocarrefour (vol. 85, 2010)

    L’objet de ce numéro est d’introduire un croisement entre l’histoire et la géographie au sujet du rapport sociétés/environnement, qui permette de revisiter les profondes mutations des usages et des représentations des rivières urbaines, depuis l’aube de l’industrialisation jusqu'aux temps présents.

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