• Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    New subjectivisations at work?

    Le domaine du travail connait actuellement des transformations importantes, tous secteurs d’activité ou de production confondus. Sa nature, ses rétributions, son inscription dans un monde globalisé semblent en constant renouvellement. On peut toutefois s’interroger sur le fait de voir, dans ces transformations, la marque d’une extrême contemporanéité ou si, au contraire, elles gagnent à être inscrites dans un temps plus long et renvoyées à une genèse plus ancienne. Ce numéro du Journal des anthropologues vise à examiner les conjonctures relatives aux mondes du travail, leurs interférences et leurs connexions, à en discuter les impacts (et éventuellement les prospectives).

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  • Béja

    Call for papers - History

    Trade and traders throughout history

    Linked to human societies through the ages, trade has taken many forms; it was associated with the appearance of man since barter between tribes and groups of people in the primitive era. This has been one of the pillars of political entities (kingdoms, principalities, Nations and Empires) during all historical periods; it was a factor in their appearance and economic dynamism, a source of political and financial resources due to significant revenue provided to the public treasury power. Trade was behind the emergence of several social phenomena and changes that have affected certain groups of society; it was and is a tool for traffic or movement of social actors, values, and ideas between communities. Currently, trade is of great importance for economic development in all countries ; it is a real challenge that has had an impact on the lives of people, their daily lives, and human and economic development.

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