• Paris

    Seminar - Urban studies

    Business, consumption and territory

    Le commerce de détail est passé d’une fonction de distribution associée à la société de production à une fonction polyforme associée à la société de consommation, où la dimension ludique ou « distractive » prend une place d’importance. Les lieux du commerce se transforment sous l’effet conjugué des contraintes urbanistiques (urbanisme commercial), de la montée des nouveaux modes d’achat (e-commerce, m-commerce, t-commerce) et de la diversification des profils des consommateurs. L’objectif de ce séminaire est donc d’approfondir ces nouvelles problématiques liées au commerce de détail et à la consommation.

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  • Poitiers

    Call for papers - Geography

    Migrations and new local governance

    Migrinter research lab at the University of Poitiers, in cooperation with the Integrim program – Marie Curie Actions, and Mobglob, invite scholars working on international migrations and local governance in the Global North and the Global South to share their on-going research works. This call addresses scholars as well as early-stage researchers and Phd students from all fields (geography, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, demography and more).

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Cities we don't talk about

    The cities of urban research have long been and still are widely today, the "great cities". But the realities of urban are not limited to them. In France for example the small and medium-sized cities house more than a quarter of the population. What does the observation of these cities bring to knowledge of the urban phenomenon? On the other hand, in the research devoted to major metropoles, it is often very specific neighborhoods that are the subject of attention of research as well as the media: social housing developments or the central gentrified neighborhoods. But more "ordinary" neighbourhoods are not often the focus. What does the observation of these neighbourhoods that we do not talk about "say" about the city? In other words, we would like to call on work that offers openings of the typologies of cities as the typologies of neighbourhoods that are subjacent to the discourse and debates on the urban.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Urban studies

    Rethinking Precarious Neighborhoods

    Works, paths and interventions

    The international conference "Rethinking Precarious Neighbourhoods" will be organised following two major thematics. First, it will reread and analyse pioneer works on constitution and meanings of precarious habitat, including how ideas and concepts have been mediatized. On a second hand, it will explore the new tendencies of research on these spatial entites and their developments, focusing on land tenure security.

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