• Ngaoundéré

    Call for papers - Africa

    Territorial Development and Resource Management in Tropical zone

    International journal of geomatics, planning and resources management

    Par le troisième numéro de la Revue internationale de géomatique, aménagement et gestion des ressources (RIGAGER), nous souhaitons recevoir les articles sur les politiques, les processus, les méthodes, les techniques et les outils de l’aménagement du territoire et de gestion des ressources naturelles, humaines et financières dans les pays tropicaux.

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  • Addis Ababa

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Through local eyes

    Place-based approaches to emerging architectural, urban design and planning challenges in Africa and the Global South

    The fast paced urbanization and mushrooming of metropolitan areas in Africa and the Global South especially in connection with rights and access to basic services, have attracted much attention in the last decades from the public, local experts, decision-makers and international stakeholders. In parallel, other built environments such as emerging small towns, shrinking cities and rural areas are now experiencing important pressures and changes, and are increasingly coming under the spotlight.

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