• Quebec City

    Call for papers - History

    17th international student conference of the history department at Laval University

    Dans le cadre du XVIIe colloque international étudiant du Département des sciences historiques de l'université Laval, nous invitons les étudiants des 2e et 3e cycles et les jeunes chercheurs à soumettre une proposition de communication en lien avec les sciences historiques (histoire de l’art, archéologie, ethnologie, muséologie, archivistique, histoire, etc.).

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  • Cambridge

    Study days - History

    The Circle of Money

    Practices, Politics, and Policy in Premodern Societies (6th-17th Centuries)

    Money is at once elusive and concrete. As a mode of economic exchange it exists within a relatively fixed playing field, with clearly delineated boundaries of benefits and costs. However, poor handling, bad advice, or even a bad turn at a game of chance can swallow money up in one fell swoop. The workshop will investigate this wide array of pre-capitalist, western and non-western contexts from the English Isles, Flanders, France, Germany, Italy, and China between the Middle Ages and Early Modern times.

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