• Vila do Porto

    Call for papers - History

    The Portuguese Republic after WW I: the Azores, centrality and communications in the North Atlantic

    WW I – III Congress

    Initially supported by the popular masses, the Portuguese First Republic was marked by social, political and economic instability, and a weak participation in World War I. The period from 1910 to 1926 was characterized by a partisan struggle for power, political and social agitation. Improvements since 1923 were not enough to counteract the growing discontent stimulated by intellectuals; a persecuted Church; an army and civil service without resources and an economically oppressed industry. The coup of May 28, 1926, put an end to this democratic regime starting a new cycle that, despite maintaining the previous political instability, prepared the Estado Novo, under the control of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, interrupted in April 25, 1974.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Modern

    The Springs of theatre: Art in time of revolutions

    Revolts, revolutions and performance in the Middle East in the 21th century

    Le cycle de recherches « Révoltes, révolutions et performance au Proche et Moyen Orient au XXIe siècle » a pour objectif d’étudier la trajectoire politique et sociale des pays des régions du Proche et du Moyen-Orient par le biais de la création artistique, en particulier les arts de la scène et de la performance. Dans ces sociétés en profonde mutation, il s’agit donc de s’interroger sur le lien entre création, révolte et révolution au cours d’une série de séances de travail, et sur la manière dont la création s’est fait l’écho des tensions à l’œuvre dans la société, comment celles-ci sont restituées à la scène. Cette troisième journée sera consacrée à l'étude de productions théâtrales dans le contexte des révolutions qui ont traversé les pays de la région en 2011, en envisageant ces créations d'un point de vue esthétique (formes, dispositifs) et politique.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Duration of activity and fragmentation of work

    Temporalités n°31, 2020/1

    This special issue aims at exploring the consequences, from the point of view of work times and pace, of the way production systems have become dependent on networks, sometimes on an international scale, and the collateral disaggregation of workers’ careers. Both these phenomenons, well identified in sociological literature, tend to encourage multiple discontinuities affecting work spaces or workers’ lives. How, in this context, can the essential continuum of work activities be maintained in order to ensure production? Researchers’ input on this question is sought after for this issue.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Engendering Scandal: Children and Childhood in the Early Modern Period

    History, Literature, Memory

    This international two-day colloquium aims to analyse how and why the child, as an individual or in a group, could take part in the engendering process of scandal, and could even influence its meanings when more directly involved. It also aims to explore how narratives, even when confined to the judicial sphere (such as factums), could make sense of childhood, map its emotional realms, thus contributing to a better understanding of changing social and cultural norms and emotions relating to children.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Repairing post-mining territories through territorial, landscape, architectural and artistic approaches

    Born out of an ecologically destructive sectoral economy, post-mining territories have come to be stigmatized as developmentally unsustainable, with lasting effects that still have to be addressed. Fragile, often protected, both visible and invisible territories, they offer a contemporary setting where experimenting with the transition towards a post-carbon society shows itself to be particularly relevant. As metonymical symbols of a world in need of repair, post-mining territories solicit the analyses and prospective contributions of our research disciplines: landscape, architecture and urban planning.

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  • Agadir

    Call for papers - Geography

    Tourism, spatial planning, sustainable architecture and Social and Environmental Responsibility policy

    Dans une perspective comparative et interdisciplinaire, le colloque, qui rassemble professionnels, chercheurs et doctorants issus d'un large éventail de disciplines, a pour objectifs d’interroger le rôle du tourisme dans le système territorial, les questions de l’ingénierie et de l’aménagement du territoire en tant que figures cristallisant la transformation du rôle de l’État, du secteur privé et de la société civile et d’analyser les stratégie de responsabilité sociale en entreprise (RSE) des entreprises touristiques qui gravitent autour du tourisme et leurs impacts sur le développement territorial durable.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - History

    Craftsmen and metalworking in medieval cities: thirty five years later

    The symposium Craftsmen and Metalworking in Medieval Cities: 35 Years Later addresses the metallurgies of iron, copper, tin, lead and precious metals, which produced a wide variety of objects necessary for urban life at the end of the Middle Ages. The nature, volume and possible standardization of production may be studied, as well as the needs of the city, the practices and techniques of craftsmen, their knowledge and know-how. The relationships between the crafts and between the craftsmen themselves might be examined, including dependency links, pluriactivity, networks of sociability or local relationships in urban areas. The identity and regulation of these crafts, their integration into urban society, their relationship with the surrounding rural areas and with other cities may also be revisited. 

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  • Call for papers - America

    American cities facing global changes

    Interdisciplinary Journal of Papers on the Americas (RITA) nr. 13

    Nowadays, the assessment of environmental changes worldwide is indisputable. Interdependent processes – such as global warming, the extinction of species, soil depletion and scarce energy resources – deeply alter the living conditions in our societies, from a material and symbolic point of view. These systemic transformations go well beyond the physical environment or climate change; they can be understood thanks to the concept of “global changes” that has become a main research topic in the fields of social and environmental sciences over the past thirty years (Buttel et al., 1990; Freedman, 2014).

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  • Call for papers - America

    Women of the Americas: The Feminization of Politics and the Politization of the Intimate

    Revue « Textes et Contextes », 15.2

    Ce numéro 15.2 de la revue Textes et Contextes à paraître en novembre 2020, souhaite mobiliser des recherches variées appartenant au champ des sciences humaines et sociales ou des lettres qui explorent les liens et les heurts entre intimités et identités politiques ainsi que l’appropriation de ces deux concepts par les femmes latino-américaines et/ou nord-américaines depuis le début du XXe siècle.

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  • Call for papers - Education

    Professional Gestures and/or in Context

    To understand a didactic interaction, and the professional gestures that support it, it is necessary to be able to perceive it according to different scales of analysis, from the most local to the most global. While taking into account the context is essential, we should keep in mind that a certain number of events emerge in a localized way. Therefore, professional gestures, situation and context can hardly be considered independent to each other.

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  • Pessac | Talence

    Call for papers - Representation

    Queerising the aesthetics

    In 1990, Judith Butler published Gender Trouble; a book which takes from French Theory to create an other, the Queer Theory, which does not bother with anatomical or social destiny to put forward the performativity of gender and of sexe. Quickly translated in many languages, Gender Trouble will have a very noticeable impact on literary and movie studies, rapidly generating a heuristic acting out. Paradoxically, the same can not be said about aesthetic studies. Why? What are the oppositions? How can the queer way of thinking give back their inherent infinite “openness” to works of art?

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  • Liège

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Margins (XIth-XVIIth Century)

    5th International Postgraduate Symposium of Transitions

    From History to Philology, to Art History, to Codicology, and Linguistics, the notion of margin is omnipresent. This meaningful concept, both in its literal and figurative acceptions, has remained at the heart of critical thought for a long time, as scholars have sought to reflect on its particular potentialities whilst attempting to renew approaches to their own subjects of study. Participants, starting from their specific subjects and disciplines, are invited to reflect on the notion of margin, on the similar notions of limit and border, and on the place they hold in their own research.

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  • Summer School - Epistemology and methodology

    Understanding Mediterranean Collections

    L’école propose de réfléchir à la manière dont les sciences humaines et sociales travaillent avec et sur les collections méditerranéennes. Elle réunira une vingtaine de participants venus de pays et d’horizons professionnels très différents qui suivront les modalités pédagogiques de l’école mais elle offrira aussi l’occasion de participer à plusieurs conférences publiques pluridisciplinaires, qui se tiendront à la MMSH et au MuCEM.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - America

    Machines, gender and natures

    anthropology of extractive territories

    L’objet de ce colloque est d’étudier différents territoires extractifs du point de vue des dynamiques anthropologiques qui les structurent, en faisant l’hypothèse qu’ils posent des problématiques communes au-delà des différentes géographies et populations concernées. Il propose de discuter cette hypothèse en mettant à jour les liens entre mécanisation, rapports de genre et rapports à la nature dans divers contextes d’extraction de ressources naturelles.

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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Physical and mental vulnerability in populations in need of international protection

    From the recognition of the category to social practices

    Ce symposium interdisciplinaire vise à réunir des contributions pluridisciplinaires, académiques comme professionnelles autour de la prise en compte de la vulnérabilité physique et psychique des personnes en demande de protection internationale. Il vise à explorer les mobilisations et modalités de reconnaissance de la vulnérabilité dans le droit d’asile contemporain mais aussi les usages sociaux et spatiaux de cette catégorie dans un contexte caractérisé par la suspicion d’un détournement de procédure et une administration de la preuve accrue. Comment la vulnérabilité physique et psychique est-elle « dépistée » et prise en compte dans l’accès aux droits, notamment à l’hébergement, durant la procédure d’asile ? Quelles sont les modalités d’évaluation de la vulnérabilité par les médecins des institutions publiques ou par des acteurs associatifs engagés dans leur accompagnement et quels en sont les effets sur l’accès aux droits et la prise en charge différenciés des publics ?

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - History

    Caging the sky: art, history and anthropology of aviaries

    Deeply rooted in the long history of technology, architectural construction, and the domestication and acclimatisation of animal species by humans, aviaries are an interdisciplinary research subject offering multiple approaches for studying both past and present bonds, connecting societies to their environment, to explore the place of birds in the collective imaginary, but also to appreciate the originality of works or constructions that were conceived in order to  represent, signify or house animal life. They make a spectacle of the flight of birds for the external observer and tend to celebrate the captivity of animals as a state of “semi-freedom”.

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  • Arras

    Call for papers - History

    Infanticide from Antiquity to the mid-19th century (Europe, colonial and postcolonial Americas)

    L’infanticide est le meurtre du nouveau-né ou du nourrisson perpétré dans la plupart des cas, mais pas seulement, par la mère. Il s’agira de faire le point sur un sujet peu étudié, dans une perspective historique (et non pas clinique ou pathologique) de l'Antiquité au milieu du XIXe siècle. Sans prétendre à une quelconque exhaustivité, les axes à envisager sont nombreux : de la question des sources et des archives en passant par les différents champs d'investigation, de la notion même d'infanticide à toute époque avec les différences de vocabulaire que cela implique, des acteurs qui verbalisent aux législations et leurs applications...

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  • Nancy

    Call for papers - History

    La fabrique du clerc

    Formation, profession, vocation dans les christianismes (circa 1300-circa 1800)

    The aim of this conference is to take a fresh look at the education, training and formation of clergymen, whose status encompasses the idea of vocation on the one hand and profession on the other. The conference proposes to consider the processes of training over an extended period of time (from the late middle ages to the early 19th century) and from a comparative perspective across the different Christian confessions. All stages of training (initial and continuous training) will be considered, both for instructors and candidates to the clergy. Particular emphasis will be placed on the shaping of a corporate identity which served to both reflect and perform the idea that a disparate body of men belonged to the collective body of the church. Our purpose will be to make a contribution to an historiographical field that is currently undergoing a significant renewal, particularly in the context of a comparative history of European Christianity.

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  • Mostaganem

    Call for papers - Thought

    Revue Annales du patrimoine - Varia

    Journal Annals of Heritage - Varia

    La revue Annales du patrimoine de l'université de Mostaganem (Algérie) lance un appel à publication pour le numéro 19 / 2019. La revue Annales du patrimoine est consacrée aux domaines du patrimoine arabe, maghrébin et oriental et ses relations avec les cultures et civilisations occidentales, africaines et autres. Les soumissions peuvent être en arabe, en français et en anglais. La revue est en ligne depuis sa création en 2004. Elle paraît au mois de septembre.

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  • Call for papers - Europe

    Circulations and Power Reconfiguration in the Balkans

    « Balkanologie » Revue d'études interdisciplinaires

    After a break of several years, BalkanologieRevue d’études interdisciplinaires is being restarted and is preparing a thematic issue. Focusing on circulations, it investigates how movements of persons, ideas, and goods that take place in South-East European societies are strongly intertwined with both local and global social processes – in terms of migrations, mobilities, tourism, networks, and diasporas. With the notion of circulation, we seek to go beyond “methodological nationalism (or regionalism)” (Dumitru 2014) in order to better grasp the globalized issues at stake in the area, which are often analyzed through the lens of exceptionalism and Balkanism (Todorova 2011).

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