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    Call for papers - Modern

    Myth and Audiovisual Creation

    V International Conference on Mythcriticism

    The V International Conference on Mythcriticism “Myth and Audiovisual Creation” will analyze the impact of myth in audiovisual creation from 1900 to the present day. The Conference will be organized in four universities during two weeks.The Conference will be divided into 4 venues according to different themes: "Germanic Myths" in the University of Alcalá, "Classical Myths" in the University Autónoma, "Biblical Myths" in the University Francisco de Vitoria and "Modern Myths" in the University Complutense. Researchers can send to one of their 4 venues their abstracts. They will have to analyze the relevance of film, TV series and video games in the creation and modification of old, medieval and modern myths to our contemporary world.


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  • Jequié

    Call for papers - Modern

    Mental health, Ethnic relations and Immigration

    "Odeere" Journal

    Since mental health is perceived as a result of ethnic relations within a societal context, the Editors of this special issue are inviting authors from diverse areas of knowledge to submit their papers on the theme “Mental health, Ethnic relations and Immigration”. The objective of this Special Issue is to offer a perspective about the aforementioned facets of the Brazilian and international contexts grounded from the experiences of researchers from multiple disciplines. This will inspire the debate about this field of research and the development of reflections about social policies.

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  • Montpellier

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Writing under constraint. Mystics, contemplatives and the spectre of the judge

    Discursive practices and strategies. Spain, Portugale, Latin America (15th-18th centuries)

    Ce numéro des Cahiers d'études des cultures ibériques et latino-américaines (CECIL) invite ainsi à s'interroger à l’époque moderne sur les stratégies d'écriture, de réécriture et de construction du discours afin de  mystifier les censeurs de la fin du Moyen Âge et de la modernité. Par delà les pratiques d'écriture propres aux auteurs mystiques et ascétiques, les contribution d'études replaceront la médiatisation du texte ascétique dans son rapport à la norme juridique et canonique.

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  • Dakar

    Call for papers - History


    Origin(s) and latest developments

    The question of repentance now applies to the public sphere and concerns huge collective bodies as well as individuals. It has a complex relationship with history. Repentance has even become a global issue and now concerns a wide range of geographical and cultural areas as well taking on many forms referring to facts whose scale, temporal distance or context are in no way comparable with it.  Indeed, the roots of repentance are to be found in many traditions (religious, cultural, national and community) and nowadays, announcements (through the media at large) give rise to secular forms of repentance which are devoid of the dimensions that traditionally form the definition of repentance.    

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  • Call for papers - History

    Purity and Impurity

    Hamsa. Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies, nº 2

    “Purity” and “Impurity” establish themselves as structural categories in both Islam and Judaism, embracing dimensions as diverse as the body, food, clothing and even space itself. The 2nd issue of the journal Hamsa will be devoted to this wide-ranging theme, seeking to obtain diachronic historical perspectives. To this effect, we aim to promote the analysis of interfaith relationships, in those instances where purity and impurity are projected in contacts with the Other. Those dimensions concern not only the minorities, but also affect Christianitas itself, through interiorization of these concepts and their application to minority communities (as is the case, for example, with limpeza de sangue - “cleanliness of blood”).

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  • Porto

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Memorias no hegemónicas y vitalidad de las culturas populares

    Llamado a comunicaciones para el Simposio 57 del VII congreso internacional CEISAL: Memoria, presente y porvenir en América Latina. Junio 2013 en Oporto, Portugal. Memorias no hegemónicas y vitalidad de las culturas popularesMemórias não hegemônicas e vitalidade das culturas populares Área de Antropología, Patrimonio, Religión, Ciudadanía, derecho y movimientos sociales, Historia, memoria e historiografía, y Pluralismo cultural, religioso y jurídico cierre del llamado: 1 de noviembre 2012

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