• Taipei

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Asia

    Researcher responsible for the Centre d'études français sur la Chine contemporaine department in Taipei

    Le Centre d’études français sur la Chine contemporaine recrute un chercheur en sciences humaines et sociales, responsable de son antenne à Taiwan (Taipei) sur contrat d’expatriation (2 ans renouvelables), pour une prise de fonctions le 1er septembre 2017.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Political studies

    How Economics matter

    L'an V des Révolutions au prisme de l'économique et du social

    This colloquiumorganized in Beirut as part of the WAFAW program, aims to critically take part in a debate over the socio-economic undergrounds of the “political crises” in the region, a scarcely explored angle when dealing with this issue. It will base its contribution on investigations and original corpuses. Its purpose is to better understand how the Arab, Iranian, Turkish and other political societies observed are workedby highly singular processes (such as the importance of oil, of migration economy, or of war economies) but also amenable to an unequal globalization of exchanges. How (and not why) does the economy play into these political dynamics?

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  • Bangkok

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Political studies

    Field grants in South East Asia, 2016

    Assistance in research and publication

    L’Irasec, Institut de recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-Est contemporaine dont le siège est à Bangkok, met à concours deux bourses couplant aide à la recherche et aide à la publication. S’adressant en priorité à des doctorants en fin de thèse et à des postdoctorants, ces bourses sont destinées à reprendre des premières enquêtes de terrain en vue d’approfondir des recherches déjà engagées (chapitres de thèse etc.). Les problématiques doivent apporter une perspective originale et novatrice sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, relevant des champs disciplinaires suivants : sciences politiques, sciences économiques, sciences sociales (anthropologie, sociologie, géographie, histoire contemporaine).

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  • Puducherry

    Call for papers - Asia

    Multifaceted Inequality in Contemporary India

    The "Association des jeunes études indiennes" (AJEI) is a student organization whose members are young researchers coming from various disciplines of the human and social sciences (from masters degree to postdoctoral level) whose area of research is South Asia. Every year, a research seminar in France and a workshop in India bring students and scholars together in order to discuss the topics and papers presented. Since 1998 the AJEI organizes an annual workshop in India with the support of international and local partners. This year we propose a three day workshop with an opening lecture, daily presentations discussed by senior researchers, methodological workshops, and a concluding session. One of our goals is also to interact informally, and build relationships, towards creating a strong international network of researchers.

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