• Aix-en-Provence

    Conference, symposium - History

    Climate and Societies in the Mediterranean during the Last Two Millennia

    Current State Of Knowledge and Research Perspectives

    This two-day international conference aims to highlight recent and challenging interdisciplinary studies dealing with complex historical climate/society interactions in Mediterranean during the last two millennia. The study of these existing connections can help in better understanding the role played by past climatic events in the eruption of regional conflicts, in forced migration and displacement of people, in periodically appearing infectious disease outbreaks or in subsistence crises like food shortages and famines Similarly, it seems necessary to identify and analyze socio-economic and technological responses (e.g. water supply systems) together with mitigation and general adaptation strategies, insofar as they existed, to cope with climate change.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Study days - History

    Dairy produce in the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages and Modern period: production, sales and consumption

    Contrairement aux périodes préhistoriques pour lesquelles la question des débuts de la consommation des produits laitiers animaux est fondamentale et suscite de nombreuses recherches, rares sont celles consacrées à la production et à la consommation de ces produits aux périodes médiévales et modernes. Pourtant, les produits laitiers, et particulièrement les fromages, sont des composants clefs de l’alimentation méditerranéenne. Produits issus des terroirs dont les spécificités en font le goût, ils sont commercialisés tant à l’échelle locale et régionale qu’internationale.

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  • Helsinki

    Call for papers - History

    Urban spaces, mobility and "citadinité" in the Mediterranean cities (14th to 18th century)

    The panel focuses on mobility and insertion in the cities of the Mediterranean area, during the early modern age. Since the Ancient times, Mediterranean cities are centers for commercial and cultural exchanges, and crossroads of migratory streams. These "sedimented" cities have a long tradition of multi-cultural society and reception of foreigners while remaining, to this day pivotal centers for international circulation and migration, and gateways to Europe.

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