• Naples

    Call for papers - Europe

    International migrations and labour from the 70s to the present

    Since the 70s the presence of migrants in Europe, and especially in Italy, has become a structural issue and has been at the center of the public and political debate. The progressive demolition of welfare systems, the job precariousness, and new consumer lifestyles have generated different responses in terms of regulation of the admissions of foreign citizens in search of a job and their management (housing issues, access to health care, etc.). Both with regard to organization of forms of protection of immigrants in the exercise of theirs fundamental rights, especially in cases of serious discrimination and exploitation (immigrant associations, trade union action, etc.).

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  • Neuilly-sur-Seine

    Call for papers - Information

    Travel and leisure

    Or how is work transformed through and in entertainment and entertainment is re-qualified as work

    Le colloque propose de questionner ce que le travail fait au divertissement et ce que le divertissement fait au travail ou, plus précisément, de s’arrêter sur la production contemporaine de formes hybrides entre travail et divertissement, et plus généralement travail et loisir (serious games, usages des réseaux sociaux au travail, Fab labs, médiations du travail des amateurs, etc.). Il s’agit ainsi d’étudier : comment le travail se transforme par et dans le divertissement, et comment le divertissement est qualifié en travail.

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