• Montreal

    Call for papers - Education

    The issue of living together in teaching training. From policies to practices

    Éthique en éducation et en formation journal

    Ce numéro de la revue Éthique en éducation et en formation examinera les questions de formation des enseignants en lien avec les politiques nationales (neutralité, laïcité, multiculturalisme...), mais il pourrait aussi inclure des textes sur la formation à l'éducation au vivre-ensemble, de manière plus large, par exemple, la formation des enseignants au dialogue, au règlement de conflits, etc., ou encore à travers différentes disciplines. Dit autrement, ce numéro ne se limitera pas aux orientations politiques des différentes régions étudiées.

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  • Créteil

    Conference, symposium - America

    The Return of the Rust Belt and the Populist Moment

    This conference considers the “Rust Belt” through various thematic, methodological and disciplinary angles. The Rust Belt is a rather loose name for the deindustrialized region around the Great Lakes, encompassing all or parts of the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania as well as several northwestern counties of New York state.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Work in Ethiopia

    Rationalization, dominance and mobilizations

    Work is neither a subject omitted by the research on the Horn of Africa, however this is nor an object of study in its own right. Scholars generally subordinate analysis of work to analysis of development. On the one hand this concept of development is linked with an optimistic vision which highlights the successes of the developmental State implemented in Ethiopia. On the other hand, development is associated to a pessimistic view of the country, focused on poverty reduction.

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  • Salamanca

    Call for papers - America

    Regímenes iliberales: retos y reconfiguraciones para las democracias

    Revue « América latina hoy »

    Anunciamos el lanzamiento de la convocatoria de artículos sobre «Regímenes iliberales: retos y reconfiguraciones para las democracias» que constituirán el número 82 de América Latina Hoy, Revista de Ciencias Sociales. Este volumen pretende reunir artículos originales (no publicados ni en evaluación en otra revista científica) que aborden de manera multidisciplinar y analítica los modos del ejercicio de poder en democracias iliberales del continente latinoamericano y las lógicas de incremento de sus dinámicas.

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  • Tours

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Freedom of Speech: from Opacity to Transparency

    Contemporary societies value free speech and freedom of expression on the most personal – if not intimate – and sensitive issues. What happens to the right to remain silent and resisting the pressure? Qualitative surveys conducted through interviews are one of the most frequently used methods in the social sciences, if not the most used, and go far beyond simple and straightforward conversations. This research tool requires skill, subtlety and sensitivity, and one learns to a great extent from experience. 

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  • Écully

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Sharing meals. Social aspects of eating and cooking together

    Eating involves many other dimensions than just ingesting food. It is especially a social act, as it involves the social position and relationships of the individual in all of the included practices: supplying, cooking, dressing, ordering, ingesting, clearing, washing-up, managing left-overs, etc.  This symposium offers to explore, with a social science approach, the different dimensions associated with sharing meals (non exhaustive): Cultural differences in the manners of sharing meals; Specificity of the sharing of cooking times regarding the sharing of meal times; Use of commensality as a social action mean; Symbolic representation of the benefits of sharing meals (psychological, physiological, social); Comparison of meals regarding other eating times (snacking); Political/Diplomatic use of meals; Organization, perception and role of meals in institutions (school canteens, hospital, nursing homes, prisons…).

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Violence and conflict in sports and games

    “Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence” - Special Issue on Sport and Game Studies

    The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (PJCV) welcomes contributions concerning philosophical issues raised by sports and games. The selected articles will be published open access by Trivent Publishing in December 2018. Deadline for paper submission is May 1, 2018.

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  • Ixelles-Elsene

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Sociology

    Experienced researcher for two action-research projects on urban citizen participation in Brussels

    You will be part of a multidisciplinary team, investigating the potential of new approaches to  urban civic participation, such as by experimenting and developing new methodologies, design interventions and technological approaches. You will be mainly responsible for exploratory research and inquiries, in-depth field studies, and for evaluating and reporting of the action-research.

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  • Prague

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Modern

    Post-Doctoral Researcher at CEFRES within the TANDEM Program

    A post-doctoral position at CEFRES cofunded by Charles University and CEFRES within the frame of the TANDEM  program aiming at creating an international team through the cooperation of these two institutions with the Czech Academy of Sciences at CEFRES.

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  • Antwerp

    Call for papers - History

    Subaltern political knowledges, ca. 1770- c. 1950

    During the last decades, political historians have increasingly focused on the evolution of political consciousness among the “common people” during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In that process they have often made use of all-encompassing notions such as politicization, democratization and nationalization. The conference “Subaltern political knowledges” intends to take one step back and ask a question which should precede all discussion of politicization, democratization and nationalization of the masses: what did people actually know about politics?

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  • Tunis

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Civil society and democratic transformation - comparative experiences

    Expériences comparées

    Les changements politiques que connaissent plusieurs pays, surtout arabes, et les périodes de transition politique, font apparaitre la fin du monopole du champ politique par l'État. Les organisations de la société civile s'accaparent de plus en plus de pouvoir de par leurs capacités mobilisatrices. On assiste à l'émergence de nouveaux acteurs civils qui exercent des missions et des rôles autant divers qu'inhabituels, ce qui peut être considéré comme une dépossession des rôles traditionnels de l'État. En fait, la société civile contribue à la rotation des élites, assure une fonction socio-éducative et contribue fortement à consolider le processus démocratique nouvellement initié. Il s'agit de comparer les différentes expériences, d'expliciter les étendues mais aussi d'un autre côté de réfléchir sur le concept de société civile, de clarifier ses contours, de comprendre les polémiques qu'il suscite.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Political studies

    Student movements and (post-)colonial emancipations

    Transnational itineraries, dialogues and programmes

    This one-day conference investigates the role of student movements in individual and collective emancipations, from the struggle for colonial liberation to the challenges posed by contemporary globalisation. This conference seeks to bring these various approaches together, in order to discuss the transnational and connected history of student engagements in colonial liberations and the critical reflection on the multilateral management of conflicts in the postcolonial period. It will investigate internal and external tensions, and the reorganisation of these movements in relation to pacifism, revolutionary struggle, conflict prevention and peace making. 

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  • Montreal

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication - Political Communication Research Section

    Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015

    The Political Communication Section invites submissions for the IAMCR conference to be held in Montreal, Canada from 12-16 July 2015.

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  • Montreal

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication - Communication Policy and Technology Section

    Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015

    The Communication Policy and Technology (CP&T) Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) invites submissions for the IAMCR 2015 conference to be held from July 12-16, 2015 in Montreal (Canada). The deadline for submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals is February 9, 2015.

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  • Montreal

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Hégémonie ou résistance ? Sur le pouvoir ambigu de la communication – Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Section

    Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015

    The Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) invites submissions for the IAMCR 2015 conference to be held from July 12-16, 2015 in Montreal (Canada).

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  • Liège

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Transnationalism, Identities’ Dynamics and Cultural Diversification in Urban Post-migratory Situations

    TRICUD conference

    The TRICUD Final International Conference on "Transnationalism, Identities’ Dynamics and Cultural Diversification in Urban Post-migratory Situations" will take place at the University of Liège on 14, 15 and 16 May 2014. It aims at presenting the main findings of the multidisciplinary research programme TRICUD (2010-2014) involving the following research centres: CEDEM, CLEO and Pôle SuD. TRICUD aims to better understand how migration transforms both sending societies in the South and receiving societies in the North. The conference will include keynote speakers Nina GLICK-SCHILLER (University of Manchester) and Steve VERTOVEC (Max Planck Institute). 

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    Ethnic or national minorities. Between renewal and permanence

    Belgéo Review

    The coordinaters of this issue of he Belgéo review plan to reflect about the "ethnic or national minorities", two polysemous concepts here perceived in a way opened to interpretation even if they are inscribed in P. Poutignat and J. Streiff-Fénart’s definition, when they state that these groups “only exist thanks to the subjective belief their members share that they constitute a community.” The minority group is dialectically linked to the existence of a majority. It can be said “ethnic” because of racial parameters but above all because of the presence of linguistic, religious, cultural or other discriminating and specific markers. The will to be different expresses itself in various ways – instutional or not – and leads to very diverse situations, located between resistance and cooperation, forced integration and autonomy. The way to name places, individuals, but also their status – granted or claimed for – their visibility in the social and political space, are elements characterizing the notion of “otherness”.

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    Local Democratic Innovations

    CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation and FACTS Initiative are pleased to announce a call for proposals on local democratic innovations. Contribute and send an abstract on any innovative project or initiative on governance, participation and accountability at the local and national levels. It can be selected to be published in a special issue of the FACTS Reports to be released in the summer 2013.

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  • Lisbon

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Action publique et problèmes sociaux dans les villes intermédiaires

    A Ação Pública resulta da interseção e, cada vez mais, da interdependência entre as ações que decorrem das responsabilidades respetivas das Políticas Públicas, através dos diferentes elos que a concretizam e da Sociedade Civil, através das iniciativas que a consubstanciam, entre movimentos sociais e iniciativas locais e as organizações e dispositivos que lhes dão consistência. A Ação Pública manifesta-se na construção e gestão dos problemas públicos ou sociais. O próprio processo de construção e os modos de gestão dos problemas sociais são analisadores potentes das relações de poder que existem entre os atores e das dinâmicas sociais no interior dos coletivos analisados. 

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  • Zhytomyr

    Call for papers - Modern

    Violence and its Aftermath in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Context

    Fourth International Social Science Summer School in Zhytomyr (Ukraine), 4-10 July 2012

    Cette année, la question des violences en contexte soviétique et post-soviétique sera au centre des discussions. L’école est destinée à des doctorants ou jeunes docteurs, qui présenteront leurs recherches et participeront aux discussions. Le programme est organisé dans une perspective interdisciplinaire autour de cours, discussions par sessions thématiques et visites de terrain à Zhytomyr (Ukraine).

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