• Ramallah

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Contestations, Emotions! Social and artistic expressions in the Public Space

    A theoretical and practical perspective from the ground

    During the recent movements of contestation in Mediterranean countries different kind of aesthetic gestures using the streets and the public spaces as places for a public manifestation of some social, ordinary -or radical- critic. They proceed from an ordinary culture that is transformed, adapted then spread out upon a new form in artistic tracks taking place in public spaces. These actions have both a critical and aesthetic dimension. They rely on the environment, mobilize cognitive, memorial and cultural or ordinary patterns. They also mobilize a common culture . This is the case of rap, new uses of old music, villages against occupation, graphic art in Palestine, in Egypt or in Syria. The conference will present and analyse some forms of experimentations, and public and critical commitments. What kind of “public spaces” is in use nowadays? How it configures new spaces of critic and public space and a new environment ? The panel will adopt a trans-disciplinary perspective by bringing together social scientists and practicers or activists.

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