• Conference, symposium - History

    Religious Community and Modern Statehood

    The passage from the Ottoman empire to modern states

    The conference aims to explore various aspects of the communal organization in the Ottoman Empire for regions such as Asia Minor, Middle East and the Balkans, and to present the changes that occurred within the religious communities during the 19th century and particularly during the period from Tanzimat reforms until the First World War. Key questions in relation to the modernization process of the Ottoman state and the functioning of religious communities, are a) how does the Sublime Porte understand the process of structuring a modern state with respect to religious communities, b) who is responsible for the modern institutions: the state or the religious communities, c) what is the reaction of the religious communities regarding the modernization process d) why and in what way the religious communities are changing on the light of this process.

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  • Corfu

    Conference, symposium - Modern

    Society and Politics in South-Eastern Europe during the 19th century

    There has always been a negative image attached to South-Eastern European politics and polities and rarely has it been widely acknowledged (Mazower) that the process of state formation in the region was not just a pale and gruesome caricature of Western European models but rather a complicated affair involving juggling with various institutional models (local as well as imported ones), coping with societies of a sometimes inextricable ethnoreligious diversity and varying degrees of political allegiance to central power, dealing with foreign interference and tampering. 19th century visitors of the region contributed a lot to this negative image which still clings to the region (Todorova) and culturalists still like to refer back to the 19th c. as the genealogical matrix of all the region’s evils.

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