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    Call for papers - Sociology

    Comparative perspectives on transformations in the networks and actors of vines and vineyards

    Ce colloque interroge les mutations profondes, en cours depuis la fin des années 50, du monde viti-vinicole. Il tentera de saisir ces transformations à partir de trois dimensions qui sont l’action collective, les pratiques des acteurs et les innovations. À travers ces axes de travail, les contributions pourront montrer comment les évolutions du secteur affectent et se diffusent dans le monde de la vigne et du vin, comment les différents niveaux d’acteurs s’en emparent et quelles en sont les conséquences sur le plan économique et/ou social.

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  • Seminar - Epistemology and methodology

    Journal transition from subscription model to open access

    De Gruyter webinar

    Serial crisis, sky-rocketing subscription prices as well as more and more widespread and powerful OA mandates have pushed many publishers to rethink the finance of publishing the journals. Considering a switch calls out numerous challenges but it is a path more and more travelled – and importantly so an economically – sustainable and one with long-term benefits – not only for readers, but also for authors and the journal owners, too. In 2014 De Gruyter converted 14 journals to OA – this webinar looks at overarching strategies for journal transition from subs to OA – including current OA publishing landscape and single factors (like managing submissions, citations and funding) that play a role during the process.  Is it worth it? Who will foot the bill? What to expect? And how to bring the EAB on board? The introductory one-hour webinar is built around three sections to allow participants to work out the flipping strategy for their publication and to timely and reasonably plan  the change.

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