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    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Late Antiquity in the north-western half of the Arabian peninsula: material culture, chronology, exchanges and territorial entities

    PhD fellowhip Labex Dynamite 2014-2015

    The very quick recent development of archaeological and epigraphic work in Saudi Arabia brought deep changes in our knowledge of the Arabian Peninsula — which until the middle of the 2000's was only based on research on the periphery: Kuwait, Bahrayn, Qatar, The Emirates, Oman, and Yemen. That development reveals how wide the gaps are, of the interpretative frame in particular, for broad geo-historical segments. That is true especially for what is generally called Late Antiquity (4th- early 7th centuries AD), and here "Late Pre-Islamic" or even in local religious terms jâhîliyah, "ignorance" — a term which actually reflects correctly the state of knowledge. The amount of data collected within less than ten years within a large North-Western half of the Peninsula makes possible to see that except for the extreme North (current Joradanian border and Jawf Oasis) the Christianity does not penetrate and Byzantiums unifying power is absent. One is even unable to name what the field teams are dealing with. The proposed doctoral work must produce the state of that question, for which there if a rich evidence in stratigraphy, architecture, objects, and even epigraphy due to the recent demonstration of the Nabataean-Arabic continuum. The comparison with the Byzantine and christianized areas of the extreme North must be one of the leading strands but no way the only one, since the heart of the subject lyes, on the contrary, in the currently unnamed culture(s) of the Peninsula itself.

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