• Call for papers - Early modern

    Victorians like us – Domesticity and worldliness

    Issue of “Open Cultural Studies”

    From novels to government reports, the Victorians attached unprecedented significance to domesticity. The household was a central institution, and their occupants played out their different roles according to custom and circumstance. Within its sphere, gender, class, economic and political conflicts were played out as the household provided the background for important social practices. These practices ranged from the kitchen to the parlour, from the street to the Houses of Parliament, from the colonial metropole to the British colonial outposts in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

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  • Blois

    Call for papers - History

    Table culture

    Exchanges between Italy and France, 15th-17th centuries

    Le château royal de Blois organise une grande exposition « festins de la Renaissance » qui aura lieu du 7 juillet au 21 octobre 2012. Elle s'accompagnera d'un colloque international intitulé « Culture de table: échanges entre l’Italie et la France (XVe siècle – mi-XVIIe siècle) » coorganisé avec le Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance qui se tiendra au château de Blois les 13-14 septembre 2012.

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