• Bucharest

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Transnational dimensions of dealing with the past in ‘Third Wave’ democracies

    Southern Europe, Central Eastern Europe, and the Former Soviet Union in Global Perspective

    This conference aims to fill the gap by looking at how post-dictatorial justice and memory experiences in Southern Europe, Central Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union after the “third wave of democratization” have reciprocally affected each other. It also seeks to unpack how memorialization practices in these regions were shaped by and influenced in turn criminalization discourses in other geographical contexts (Latin America, Asia, Africa). The conference focuses on transnational activism, transfers of knowledge, and expertise at bilateral, regional or international levels, the impact of legal and mnemonic narratives outside their countries of origin, and the role of international organizations and NGO's in dealing with mass violence. The conference aims thus to trace the mutlidirectional circulation of ideas, norms and models of reckoning with authoritarian regimes both within these regions, and between them and other areas of the world.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Sociology

    The Judiciary in Practice in Contemporary Russia

    Sociological perspectives on legal practices

    L’objectif de cette journée d’étude est de comprendre comment fonctionne la justice pénale russe au quotidien, au delà de son image très négative tant en Russie qu’à l’étranger. Nous aborderons l'instruction et le jugement des affaires pénales et esquisserons le portrait d'une profession; les juges. Les intervenants russes seront discutés par des spécialistes de la justice en France. Ce séminaire fait suite à plusieurs manifestations organisées dans le cadre du projet « Comprendre les violences en Russie : guerres, système politique, trajectoires sociales » (programme émergence(s) de la Mairie de Paris). Traduction russe / français assurée.

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