• Dnipropetrovs'k

    Call for papers - Language

    Languages, sciences and practices

    International conference in Ukraine

    Les chercheurs ukrainiens et étrangers sont invités à participer dans le cadre du programme, en soumettant les résumés de leur recherche par une communication orale ou par un poster à afficher. Ce deuxième colloque francophone en Ukraine encourage également les présentations sur des problématiques linguistiques et scientifiques nationales et internationales, telles que la coopération interuniversitaire et interscolaire ainsi que les expériences d’enseignement du français sur objectifs universitaires.

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  • Lviv

    Call for papers - History

    The Ins and Outs of Socialism

    Visions and Experiences of Urban Change in the Second World

    This conference examines socialist cities at their points of entry or exit from the socialist project. The theme of transition into and out of socialism and the (un-)making of socialist cities serves as entry points into broader discussions about the specificity of urban change in the Second World and its relationship to similar currents in the global North and South. The conference examines the content of the socialist city – its “ins and outs” – from power grids and housing stocks to museums and places of worship at these points of transition.

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  • Lviv

    Summer School - Political studies

    Embracing the City

    Memory, Contestation, Politics

    The Summer School seeks to embrace the city as a focal point for examining questions of belonging, place, power and the intersection of society and state in urban space. It welcomes proposals that embrace the city from many disciplines in the social sciences and adjacent fields, such as history, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, architecture, and urban studies. Our regional focus is the former Soviet Union, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

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  • Mykolayiv

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Challenging the Social Order: Revolution, Reform and Transformation Under and After Socialism

    International Social Science Summer School in Ukraine - Mykolaiv (Ukraine)

    The 5th Annual International Social Science School, to be held in Mykolaiv, Southern Ukraine, on 2-9 July 2013, will have the theme of “Challenging the Social Order: Revolution, Reform and Transformation Under and After Socialism.” For an intensive week in early July, an international group of twenty doctoral students and up to a dozen faculties are converging to a different town in Ukraine to hear and discuss presentations on ongoing research on a critical theme. The Summer School is designed to be interdisciplinary and international and follows the format of a Workshop. The program also includes lectures and field trips, of historical and contemporary significance, within the region. 

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  • Zhytomyr

    Call for papers - Modern

    Violence and its Aftermath in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Context

    Fourth International Social Science Summer School in Zhytomyr (Ukraine), 4-10 July 2012

    Cette année, la question des violences en contexte soviétique et post-soviétique sera au centre des discussions. L’école est destinée à des doctorants ou jeunes docteurs, qui présenteront leurs recherches et participeront aux discussions. Le programme est organisé dans une perspective interdisciplinaire autour de cours, discussions par sessions thématiques et visites de terrain à Zhytomyr (Ukraine).

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  • Dnipropetrovs'k

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Approaches to post-Soviet transformations

    Summer school in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine)

    Two decades after the collapse of the USSR, evolutionary paths travelled by post-Soviet societies are spectacularly diverse - posing analytical challenges for social scientists. In the first post-Soviet years, these societies were expected to “Westernize” and so social transformations were supposedly transitional. Later, it became obvious that genuine evolution observed in the former USSR needed genuine analytical tools. Dramatic change exhibiting a strange (at times conflict-ridden) coexistence of transformation and continuity neither elicits comparison to “normal” social evolution, nor can it be explained as a chaotic or un-analysable specificity. The aim of the summer school is to discuss different approaches / concepts used to analyse post-Soviet transformations and to question their heuristic effectiveness. The Summer School is designed to be interdisciplinary and international.

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