• Paris

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    The Right to the City in the South, everyday urban experience and rationalities of government

    Ce colloque international propose de travailler la notion de droit à la ville depuis les villes du Sud. Il s’attache à en restituer la portée critique et souhaite soumettre à la réflexion collective la notion de droit à la ville de fait, forgée dans le cadre d’un programme de recherche collaboratif, DALVAA. Il invite donc des participants de disciplines et d’institutions variées, à engager un dialogue sur le rôle des expériences citadines dans la mise en ordre socio-spatiale des villes du Sud. 

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Zone: the space of a life on the margins

    Espaces et sociétés

    While the everyday of "suburban youth" occupies the attention of French sociologists, the other face of the youths that have been relegated to "dropouts" (“zonards”) remains virtually invisible in terms of the social sciences. This issue aims to provide a first synthesis of French work on “the zone” as an area of life on the margins, and a presentation of pioneering English-language research in this field of study. This will be explore the range or meanings of  experiments whose originality derives from a shared nomadic lifestyle, keeping a distance from institutions, as well as normative territories. The expected proposals will favor the investigation of spaces and the constituent cultures of dropouts (squatters, punks, ravers ...).

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  • Narbonne

    Call for papers - Geography

    Describing, inhabiting and governing Urban Fringe Landscapes

    Narbonne, France, 5th to 7th november, 2014

    The goal of this conference is to question European urban fringes, which we define as precise or graduated transitional spaces where the city leaves space for something else : countryside, forests, “nature,” wasteland or fallow awaiting projects... These urban fringes can be understood at different scales, from the overall agglomeration down to the quarter or even at the installation project scale. This conference is designed as a moment of exchange making it possible to compare research and management experiences around this original object concentrating numerous issues. Different axes of analysis are proposed : Landscapes and urban fringe physiognomies ; agricultures and cities ; nature and biodiversity ; Urban margins : marginalising and social mixing ; Urban limits under constraint: risks and protected spaces.

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