• Paris

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Property and environment in developing countries

    La question de savoir quelles sont les formes de propriété qui participent le plus efficacement à la conservation et/ou à l'exploitation économique des environnements – de la propriété privée à la propriété d’État, en passant par les différentes formes de propriété collectives, communes ou patrimoniales a suscité des débats théoriques intenses et disputés dans le champ académique.

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  • Paris | Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

    Call for papers - History

    Nationality in war (1789-1991)

    War, a time of exterior confrontation and interior reordering, is a critical moment when forms of social and national inclusion and exclusion are reconfigured. The nationality of individuals becomes a crucial issue, acquires a new meaning and takes on fresh theoretical, legal and practical dimensions. War also changes borders, resulting in the arrival or departure of populations, making questions of nationality an integral part of peace treaties. Outside periods of conflict, war influences representations and definitions of, as well as reflections on, nationality: whether the issue involves increasing population growth, rooting out “national evils”, tracking down domestic foes or defining loyalty and national dignity, the shadow of war always looms in the background. The symposium will focus on all these dimensions in the relationship between war and nationality during the contemporary age (1789-1991), which for our purposes can be divided into three periods.

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