• Nanterre

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Techno-realities and affective creations - love simulation games

    Les jeux de simulation amoureuse

    The techno-realities are seen as a threat to human relationships in “real” life, in particular when they relate to love. Such human-shaped products however multiply: domotic spouse, tactile screen’s boyfriend, holographic companion, bride for Virtual Reality glasses, interactive downloadable partner, otome games and bishôjo games characters... The purpose of this symposium is to analyze Love Simulation Devices as signals allowing users to express a variety of messages, even contradictory ones, yet to be deciphered within their specific contexts. Working on the Japanese products will provide a revealing insight of processes that still have not been analyzed and may serve as an eye-opener in the field of comparative studies in the western cultures.

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