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  • Paris

    Colóquios - África

    The Routes of Medieval Africa

    11th-17th centuries

    This symposium will take stock of the theoretical ambition of this programme, relative to the disciplinary tools available to us today, to disclose, to distinguish and above all to ponder the historical connections established. If the plants, epidemics, commercial goods or written materials are proof of often-forgotten connections, they inform us only indirectly on the intensity and consequences of these economic, political and cultural connections for the societies of Southern, Eastern or Western Africa. Starting from this observation, the historians, archaeologists, linguists, and philologists involved in this release will reflect on multidisciplinary models that go beyond the observation of a connection and switch towards a more integrative concept of “route,” understood, in the broader sense, as a connection in progress. I this respect, the third and final objective of this symposium will stimulate further reflection on the routes that crisscrossed medieval Africa, and the practices, mobilities, and representations that they created.

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