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  • Sasso Marconi

    Call for papers - Representation

    Immigration: Fear and the Media

    Magazine Africa e Mediterraneo No. 82

    The issue 82 of Africa e Mediterraneo wants to investigate the challenges brought about by media and political communication, considering as focuses of analysis the communication processes within the European society (both of local media and migrants’ initiatives) and those activated in the African Countries, being aware that the circulation of ideas, images and cultural practices is more and more leading to a growing deterritorialization of the media and their messages and to the consequential crossing of national borders.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    When you grow up, you'll be a doctor, my child

    Experiences and research postures of African doctoral students

    Les conditions de recherche des doctorants africains sont très peu documentées. Bien qu’il existe une littérature assez dense sur la crise de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche en Afrique, les références aux conditions de production et de renouvellement des connaissances demeurent sobres. Mais concrètement, comment rédige-t-on une thèse en Afrique aujourd’hui ? Comment devient-on docteur(e) en sciences sociales à Yaoundé, à Ouagadougou, à Dakar, à Tunis ou à Maputo ? Cet appel à contribution d'ouvrage invite les jeunes chercheur.e.s africain.e.s, candidat.e.s au diplôme de doctorat et post doctorant.e.s à un exercice de réflexivité au sujet de la production du savoir en contextes africains.

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  • Strasbourg

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Knowledge Organization systems and digital humanities

    Xth ISKO Conference – France 2015

    Over the past fifteen years, digital technology has brought about extensive changes in the conditions of production and dissemination of knowledge. The creation, digitization, structuring, processing and valorization of corpuses of images, texts, sounds, and videos have become such central issues for the sciences that handle them that the questions and practices involved have been brought together under the common heading of “digital humanities”. The Tenth Conference of the French branch of ISKO (ISKO France 2015) calls for contributions exploring theoretical, methodological or practical approaches to these issues, with an emphasis on the various dimensions of the production, organization, and management of knowledge in the digital humanities. 

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