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  • Angers

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Tourism in Indonesia and Southern Countries

    A vector of sustainable development?

    The objective of the conference is to analyze the effect of tourism, questioning more specifically in this second edition its potential for becoming a vector of sustainable development, understood in its more general sense. Within this framework, we will question its economic impact, as well as its social effects, on Indonesia and Southern countries. We are interested in knowing how extra income is redistributed to the local population and whether it affects, or on the contrary, strengthens the traditional organizations of the communities, bringing new actors, investors, decision-makers in the traditional social organization.

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  • Perpignan

    Séminaire - Sociologie

    Les mutations des enjeux de la professionnalisation de l’intervention

    Ce séminaire s’inscrit en écho des travaux qui vont être conduits par l’axe 3 du CORHIS (Communication, resssources humaines et intervention sociale), pendant les trois années à venir, dans le cadre d’un observatoire transfrontalier de la professionnalisation en travail social et intervention sociale (Barcelone-Gérone-Figuères-Perpignan-Toulouse).

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  • 2017 - Juin - 16

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