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  • Sasso Marconi

    Appel à contribution - Afrique

    Africa narrates itself: media, opinions, influential figures

    These days communication and information are characterized by immediacy, speed, and interactivity. Facebook and Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and blogs transmit a perpetual flow of information, shared videos, pictures, and other content which creates networks and incentivizes sharing in a constantly evolving language. Contemporary mass media therefore ensures that, today more than ever, people in African countries are at the same time autonomous producers and users of a debate, through partly traditional, partly innovative channels, about life in Africa and African communities’ identity, with a tale that travels across the borders of individual countries and the continent itself.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Études urbaines

    Cosmopolitanism revisited

    Comparative Perspectives on Urban Diversity from the Gulf and Beyond

    This conference aims to revisit the notion of cosmopolitanism in Gulf cities and other regional areas from a comparative perspective. It will be a unique opportunity for scholars of the Gulf and other world regions to engage with cosmopolitanism or otherwise probe the intersection of global studies, urban studies and migration studies from a range of disciplines. More specifically, panels will be organized around the following research themes:“cosmopolitan canopy”, cosmopolitanism in theoretical and comparative perspectives, new geographies of cosmopolitanism in Gulf cities.

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