• Londres

    Séminaire - Études urbaines

    Institute of advanced studies talking points seminar

    Taking her recently published book Ethnography of Urban Territories (2018) as a starting point for this Talking Points Seminar, Monika Streule invites exploration and discussion of the experimental, critical and self-reflective use of differing methods in today’s urban studies.

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  • Colloque - Époque contemporaine

    Les minorités entre mondialisation et approches aréales

    Neuvième édition annuelle du CAAS (Consortium for Asian and African studies)

    Découvrir, analyser et confronter les recherches en cours sur une question cruciale à l’heure de la mondialisation, mais aussi de l’émergence nouvelle des nationalismes dans plusieurs régions du monde. Ce colloque sera animé par des enseignants-chercheurs et des doctorants venant de onze universités du monde entier. 




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  • Genève

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Regarding the Pain of Others

    What emotions have to do in the History of Humanitarian Images?

    Taking the title of Susan Sontag’s seminal work as a starting point, this workshop aims at re-opening an old debate about the potentialities of exhibiting other’s suffering in order to promote a culture of peace, prevent war and/or resolve conflict. In this workshop we would like to propose considering the importance of images (not only photographs, but also drawings as well as motion pictures) within the long-term history of humanitarianism, in order to explore the role of emotions in shaping and mobilising public opinion. More particularly, we encourage scholars to think about the ways through which humanitarian images affect us as material objects that have expressive effects related to the circuits, places or circumstances in which they are exhibited.

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  • Huddersfield

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Music and Democracy: beyond Metaphors and Idealization

    This study day aims to interrogate the experimental and novel socialities, imagined communities and social and institutional conditions summoned into being by 'democratic' forms of music-making: What is the nature of a 'democratic ideal' in music (or art-making more widely)? What is achieved, politically, by rethinking the way in which music is made? When does such rethinking affect the wider domain of social relations, and when does it not? If democratic music-making can help with the wider democratisation of social life, how does it do so? When and how is ‘democratic' music more than just a metaphor?

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  • Oxford

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    The British, American and French Photobook: Commitment, Memory, Materiality and the Art Market (1900-2019)

    The Maison Française conference committee invites proposals on the social history of the British, American or French photobook from 1900 to the present. Papers will address: commitment or explicit political engagement; memory, commemoration and the writing of history; materiality (whether real or virtual), and how material form affects circulation, handling, critical responses and the social life of the photobook. We invite contributors to analyse these topics with respect to the growth of the market for the photobook as a commodity and an object of bibliophilic attention. Proposals focusing on contemporary productions are particularly welcome.

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  • Washington

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Towards a political ecology of ambiances/atmospheres

    American Association of Geographers meeting, Washington, DC

    This session aims at questioning the possibility of reconciling descriptive approaches of mundane social life (attentive to its sensitive, emotional and atmospheric/ambient dimension), with critical approaches? In other words, how can the sensory, affective, atmospheric research convey issues of social and political criticism?

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  • Nogent-sur-Marne

    Journée d'étude - Économie

    Facts in Environmental and Energy Economics

    Models & Practices, Past & Present

    This workshop will be the occasion for historians of thought, economists, econometricians, social scientists, specialists in economic methodology or epistemology, and economic or environmental historians to discuss about the articulation between theories, models and facts (broadly speaking) in the past and present environmental and energy economics literature. Prof. Arthur Petersen (UCL) will give a plenary talk about the interdisciplinary dialogue for the elaboration of Integrated Assessment Models. A roundtable will also be taking place with three eminents scholars: Roger Guesnerie (Collège de France), Kirsten Halsnæs (DTU) and Jean-Charles Hourcade (CNRS-CIRED). Around 20 presentations by young and senior scholars from Europe and America are expected, including preliminary results from the #BNREproject.

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  • Appel à contribution - Religions

    Urbanisation religieuse et développement en Afrique

    The volume will critically explore how processes related to religious urbanization intersect with different notions of development in African contexts. Cities are taken to be powerful venues for the creation and implementation of models of development whose moral, temporal, and political assumptions need to be examined, not least as they intersect with religious templates for the planning and reform of urban space.

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  • Guelph

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Perspectives historiques sur les prisons, les personnes incarcérées et les archives des prisons

    La constitution de la prison comme institution d'incarcération de masse a longtemps attiré l'intérêt des chercheurs. La nature exceptionnellement détaillée de la plupart des archives carcérales explique en partie cet attrait. Des sources similaires sont aisément disponibles dans les sociétés européennes et leurs colonies, ce qui permet de rassembler une grande quantité d'informations personnelles sur les individus incarcérés. L'analyse détaillée de ces données, débute dès les années 1970; elle est le fait autant des criminologues que des spécialistes de l'histoire sociale et économique, des démographes et d'autres chercheurs en sciences sociales. La puissance croissante des logiciels et du matériel informatique ainsi que l’accumulation de très grandes quantités de données sur les prisons, dont une partie est jumelée à d’autres sources, offrent aux chercheurs de larges perspectives, mais constituent aussi un défi. Cet atelier sera l'occasion d'approfondir ces questions portant sur l'exploitation des archives de la justice pénale. Il permettra de réunir des chercheurs de différentes disciplines et différents pays pour confronter leurs sources et leurs méthodes (classement, analyse, etc.) et pour réévaluer les paradigmes de la recherche.

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  • Jérusalem

    École d'été - Préhistoire et antiquité

    Mapping Ancient Gods

    ERC Advanced Grant MAP project (Mapping Ancient Polytheisms. Cult Epithets as an Interface between Religious Systems and Human Agency)

    The ERC Advanced Grant MAP project (Mapping Ancient Polytheisms. Cult Epithets as an Interface between Religious Systems and Human Agency; 741182; http://map-polytheisms.huma-num.fr1) works on the naming systems for the divine in the Greek and Western Semitic worlds, from 1000 BCE to 400 CE and views them as testimonies to the way in which divine powers are constructed, arranged and involved within ritual. The analysis deals both with the structural aspects of the religious systems and with their contextual appropriation by social participants. Considered to be elements of a complex language, the onomastic channels are related to the gods, therefore providing access to a mapping process of the divine, to its ways of representation and to the communication strategies between men and gods.Within this framework, the MAP Team proposes a Summer School in collaboration with the French Research Centre in Jerusalem ( which covers the project’s themes and tools.

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  • Lyon

    Colloque - Préhistoire et antiquité

    Ancient Armenia at the Crossroads

    In honor of Arkady Karakhanyan

    The aim of the conference is to exchange recent archaeological and environmental data obtained in Armenia and to bring together the points of view of researchers from various disciplines in the fields of Human Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Particular attention will be paid to the theme of traffic flows: the movement of people, in connection with the evolution of the environment; the circulation of techniques and know-how and the circulation of raw materials and objects.

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  • Helsinki

    Séminaire - Éducation

    Do what you can with what you have

    How to build capacity and community for Digital Humanities teaching and research

    In this two-day workshop, we will share what we have done at UCLA to build real capacity and community for digital humanities teaching and research. Drawing from our experience creating the Scholarly Innovation Lab (SIL), on Day 1 we will share our story and offer guidance and best practices for building a DH lab with modest investment. On Day 2 we will introduce and discuss two of our more successful areas of practice – 3-D modelling for cultural heritage, and Zoom pedagogy for course sharing. The format will be conversational. Our goal is to help cultivate practical approaches for next steps at the University of Helsinki.

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  • Paris

    Cycle de conférences - Représentations

    Dialogues de la salle Labrouste

    Un auteur dialogue à propos de son livre avec un invité. Ce cycle se déroule dans la salle Labrouste, salle de lecture de la bibliothèque de l’Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA). L’ambition est de replacer l’ouvrage dans son contexte en faisant dialoguer les époques, les cultures et les disciplines qu’il convoque. Les ouvrages programmés dans le cadre de ce cycle sont des publications récentes. Ils sont proposés par les conseillers scientifiques et les bibliothécaires de l’Institut national d’histoire de l’art, conformément à l’esprit de l’établissement, qui regroupe différentes équipes dédiées à la recherche et à la plus vaste bibliothèque d’histoire de l’art au monde.

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  • Saint-Denis

    Colloque - Information

    Digital tools and uses

    The first international Digital tools and uses congress is a multidisciplinary conference devoted to study the uses and development of digital tools. It aims at assembling five interrelated symposia: 1) Web Studies, 2) Challenges of IoT, 3) Recommender systems, 4) Archives and social networks, and 5) Digital Frontiers. The intention of this consortium is to approach a common object of study from different perspectives in order to enrich the discussion and collaboration between participants.

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  • Menton

    Colloque - Histoire

    Below the surface: a new wave of interdisciplinary mediterranean studies and environmental changes

    “Below the Surface: A New Wave of Interdisciplinary Mediterranean Studies and Environmental Changes” is an international research initiative aiming at creating an interdisciplinary dialogue on the environmental history of the Modern Mediterranean with a focus on its coastal and marine ecosystems. This first workshop wants to explore future research directions and new collaborative efforts across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 

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  • Appel à contribution - Asie

    Sinophone musical worlds and their publics

    China Perspectives / Perspectives Chinoises

    Recent success of Chinese reality television singing competitions broadcasted on national television or streamed directly on the internet, has shown the extent of musical genres represented in the Chinese world, from pop to folk via hip-hop or rock ’n’ roll. The popularity of new musical styles up to then considered as deviant as well as the recent attempts of the State to intervene directly on musical contents, tend to blur the distinctions between “mainstream” (流行) music, “popular” (民间) music as non-official, “underground” (地下) music or even “alternative” (另类) music. This call for papers aims at promoting a better understanding of the transformations of Chinese “musical worlds”, in the sense that Becker gave to “art worlds”, which stresses the role of cooperation and interactions between the different actors of the artistic sphere.

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  • Roskilde

    École d'été - Études urbaines

    Growing learning collectives in residential subdivision town

    Within the framework of the research program CAPA.CITY, the winterschool is organized around the question of how to establish learning collectives around citizens, professionals and authorities that are concerned by spatial transformations taking place in their daily environment. Through a location–based experimental learning approach the participants of the winterschool are invited to work on the residential subdivision town of Viby, Denmark.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Returning, circulating, staying put: Complex family strategies among African migrants

    Call for papers for a thematic issue in the Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI)

    While there is an increase in studies of return migration to Africa and of the transnational family arrangements of African migrants, there is still little evidence of the way complex return mobilities are embedded in family dynamics. Family configurations are changing over time with varying aspirations and decisions to return to the place of origin, to circulate, or to stay put (in theplace of destination). Furthermore, with the return of a family member, new patterns of mobilities within the transnational/translocal family may take place. This special issue proposes to gather researchers working on family and African migration (both within the African continent and beyond) to investigate the question of return (or non-return).

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  • Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Does Public Art Have to Be Bad Art?

    Open Philosophy

    "Open Philosophy" ( invites submissions for the topical issue "Does Public Art Have to Be Bad Art?", edited by Mark Kingwell (Toronto University). The aim of this topical issue is to explore diverse perspectives and recurring problems in the area of public art. By public art we mean, among other things, civic and institutionally commissioned works that are placed in public places such as community squares and plazas, as well as works that claim to explain or commemorate the spaces in which they appear. 


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  • Leeds

    Appel à contribution - Moyen Âge

    Text as object in the Middle Ages

    The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is the largest medieval studies conference in the world. In line with the Special Thematic Strand in 2019 “Materialities” and the recent creation of the strand “Manuscript studies”, we organize sessions on “Text as object in the Middle Ages”. Texts, indeed, are at the same time an idea and a form. The latter is the result of a combination of inherited social uses and specific intentions by the various actors involved in transmitting the text as idea. This process begins with the authors, continues to the craftsmen (parchment and paper makers, copyists and chancery clerks, painters and illuminators, sculptors and weavers, booksellers…) and then on to possessors, readers, archives and libraries. All textual artefacts are concerned: manuscripts, charters, inscriptions, tapestries, seals, coins, etc.

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