• Study days - Language

    Metaphor and Manipulation

    The Linguistics Research Center (CEL - EA 1663) will host a Conference in English on "Metaphor and Manipulation" at University Jean Moulin (Lyon 3), on Friday, May 17th 2019.

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  • Summer School - Information

    The technologization of cultural techniques. What happens when practices become algorithmic technologies?

    Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies 2019

    The 2019 session of the Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies will be devoted to the question what happens to concepts derived from cultural techniques – like writing, erasure, image, number, not to mention the concept of culture itself – when implemented by algorithmic routines that run on computers or mobile media and thus effectively become digitized cultural technologies.The 2019 Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies will attempt to map out approaches to media as networks of cultural technologies. We invite applications from outstanding doctoral students throughout the world in media studies and related fields such as film studies, literary studies, philosophy, art history, architecture, sociology, politics, the history of science and visual culture.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Religion

    Spiritual tourism

    ISSR 2019 conference

    Si le tourisme est un phénomène moderne, le tourisme spirituel se pose comme une mutation post-moderne et plurielle de la pratique du pèlerinage vers les lieux sacrés. Pèlerins et touristes partagent les mêmes exigences concernant la disponibilité de structures, infrastructures et services. Toutefois, les motivations qui les poussent à entamer le voyage dont la connotation est spirituelle peuvent être profondément différentes, comme sont différents les moyens de transport utilisés pour atteindre la destination. Une mobilité spirituelle non seulement amplifie le registre du sacré, mais ouvre aussi à l’immanence au point de pouvoir analyser cette pratique dans le domaine des loisirs spirituels.

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  • Summer School - Early modern

    Summer Course for the Study of the Arts in Flanders The Age of Bruegel in Context

    Summer Course for the Study of the Arts in Flanders

    Annually, the Summer Course brings a select group of 18 national and international, highly qualified young researchers to Flanders. They are offered an intensive 11-day programme of lectures, discussions, and visits related to a specific art historical period of Flemish art. The Summer Course provides the participants with a clear insight into the Flemish art collections from the period at hand, as well as into the current state of research on the topic.The 5th edition of the Summer Course will focus on ‘The Age of Bruegel in Context’. It will be held from June 23 until July 3, 2019. Excursions will be made to Antwerp, Bruges, Genk, Leuven, Mechelen and Brussels. We are also planning a trip to Paris. The language of the Summer Course is English.

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  • Batalha

    Call for papers - History

    The Hydraulics in Monumental Buildings

    The hydraulic system is an architectural subsystem that can only be understood in view of the dual constitution of its structure: one at ground level, that referrers to potable water (lower hydraulic subsystem), and other concerning rainwater (upper hydraulic subsystem). They both involve aspects of major importance for the functioning of any building: catchment, distribution and evacuation of the waters. In the last decade, research was carried out on the hydraulic component of historical architecture, either religious or civil, considering technical and artistic issues, not only in Portugal, but throughout Europe.

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  • Miscellaneous information - Sociology

    Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS) editorial team open positions

    Seeking Candidates for Open Positions on the Editorial Team at Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS) ! Are you interested in helping to publish high quality and cutting-edge scholarship in fields like gender, critical race, and sexuality studies in a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, and international journal? We are seeking an Assistant Editor, Managing Editor, and Book Review Editor to join the SdBS Editorial Team.


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  • Call for papers - Language

    Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, an open-access and peer-reviewed international journal published by Çankaya University

    Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, an open-access and peer-reviewed international journal published by Çankaya University in Ankara, is currently accepting submissions of articles and book reviews for its forthcoming issue devoted to translation studies.

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  • Paris | Nanterre

    Study days - Representation

    Ancient and Early Medieval building techniques in the mediterranean area: from East to West

    This workshop is devoted to the study of the ancient construction techniques in the Near East from the Roman period to the Early Islamic era and on the transmission and diffusion of these techniques in the Mediterranean basin.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Does public art have to be bad art?

    Open Philosophy invites submissions for the topical issue “Does Public Art Have to Be Bad Art?”, edited by Mark Kingwell (Toronto University).

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - History

    Different Metals, Different Needs?

    Coinage in Western and Mediterranean Europe (5th–8th centuries)

    This Study Day is focused to show the coin repertoire of the Early Middle Ages in several metals and in the different areas of Europe, and trying to establish a nexus between them up to the first decades of the eight century which leads to important changes, that will be notably accentuated with the sudden Umayyad conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and the rise of the Carolingian Empire.

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  • Brussels

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Addressing the public abroad: Strategies of cultural and public diplomacy in the Early Modern Habsburg World (1550-1750)

    Historians are increasingly aware that early modern diplomacy encompassed far more than formally appointed ambassadors and their official negotiations. Rather, numerous actors engaged in international relations, and they did so in an astonishingly wide array of formal and informal positions. They also had a variety of diverse tools at their disposal for lobbying and achieving their various missions. This conference aims to examine a field that a number of historians and art historians have started to analyze in the last two decades, but which has seldom been explicitly delineated or discussed in a comparative fashion: strategies of cultural and public diplomacy in the early modern Habsburg world (1550-1750). Therefore, this conference focuses on the different tactics employed by the representatives of foreign nations and groups – both official and unofficial – in influencing public opinion abroad and, in doing so, attempting to create a beneficial environment for their diplomatic engagements.

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  • Palermo

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Peoples and cultures of the world

    In this interdisciplinary conference we aim to study different peoples and cultures of the world by taking into account the various ways peoples and cultures define themselves and others, thus shaping their identies. We aim to explore the complex relationships being established between cultural dynamics and identites in their spatial and/or chronological dimensions. We would like to focus on the variety of cultures in the world, on their diversity comparatively studied, but we are also specially inclined to discuss top-down or externally imposed politics and the types of resistance used by natives to escape these hegemonic strategies. We invite papers that analyse peoples and cultures (social communities, ethnic groups, indigenous minorities, etc.) considering their specific features and differences, possibly taking into account the theorizations underlying the construction and deconstruction of colllective identities. In this sense, we are interested in the role played by the scholar analyzing different cultures and their spatial dynamics, often fluid and somewhat controversial according to a political perspective.

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  • Berne

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Science studies

    Assistantships – Online Edition of the Reviews and Letters by Albrecht von Haller

    SNF-funded Research Project

    2-3 Assistantships (40-80% appointment) in the SNF-funded Research Project “Online Edition of the Reviews and Letters by Albrecht von Haller”.

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  • Oxford

    Call for papers - Language


    Entre les couleurs et les visibles prétendus, on retrouverait le tissu qui les double, les soutient, les nourrit, et qui, lui, n’est pas chose, mais possibilité, latence et chair des choses. Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Le Visible et l’invisible (1964).

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  • Budapest

    Study days - Law

    The state of liberal democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

    Workshop on the I·CONnect-Clough Center 2017 Global Review of Constitutional Law

    A day-long workshop on “The State of Liberal Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe,” co-hosted by Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz, director, HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies, and Eszter Bodnár, co-chair, ICON-S Central and Eastern European Chapter. The program will be held on December 6, 2018, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies, 1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán utca 4, in the Institute for Legal Studies Meeting Room (wing T ground floor 0.25). The program will feature the presentation and discussion of country reports in the annual I-CONnect-Clough Center Global Review of Constitutional Law. 

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  • Munich

    Conference, symposium - Modern

    Arrival cities: Migrating artists and new metropolitan topographies

    Focusing on the intersections of exile, artistic practice and urban space, this international conference brings together researchers committed to revising the historiography of ‘modern’ art. Part of the ERC research project Relocating Modernism: Global Metropolises, Modern Art and Exile (METROMOD), it addresses metropolitan areas that were settled by migrant artists in the first half of the 20th century.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Thought

    Adventures of Identity: From the Double to the Avatar

    Recent developments in image-making techniques have resulted in a blurring of the threshold between the image world and the real world. Immersive and interactive virtual environments elicit in the perceiver a strong feeling of being incorporated into an autonomous world. Such incorporation can be conveyed by the “avatar”, a digital proxy through which the subject interacts with synthetic objects or other avatars. By convening scholars from different disciplines, the colloquium aims to critically address these multifarious issues, discussing the problematic and controversial status of the avatar, which is in urgent need of definition.

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  • Milan

    Seminar - Representation

    Thresholds III – “Avatar”

    Seminar of philosophy of image

    Recent evolutions in the contemporary iconoscape have enabled the production of pictures that elicit in the perceiver a strong feeling of “being there”, namely of being incorporated into new and autonomous environments. Subjects relating to such environments are no longer visual observers in front of images isolated from the real world by a framing device; they are experiencers living in quasi-worlds that offer multisensory stimuli and allow interactive sensorimotor affordances. In relation to such quasi-worlds, a key role is played by the avatar, a digital proxy through which subjects interact with synthetic objects or other avatars. The notion and the uses of the avatar are becoming crucial in a variety of disciplines, ranging from philosophy to visual culture studies, anthropology, sociology, cognitive psychology, and neurosciences. Also, they are raising relevant issues in the fields of ethics and politics.

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  • Pereira

    Call for papers - America

    Latin American History in Global perspective

    The New Science magazine ISSN:2539-2662 (Italy—Colombia) invites interested scholars to submit proposals for articles to be published as part of a dossier on “Global perspectives of Latin-American History”.

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  • Budapest

    Call for papers - Law

    Conference on rule of law challenges in the EU

    Implications for Economic Law

    The rule of law, as a value which the member states share with each other and with the Union, serves as the basis of the European Union, its policies and its legal order. It is inherent in the obligations imposed in law on the member states and their enforcement and is central to a relationship of mutual trust between the member states, in particular their institutions including national courts and tribunals. On the one hand, the member states and their citizens legitimately expect that the Union institutions observe the rule of law in their actions. On the other, the member states must comply with rule of law standards in their conduct under the scope of EU law and beyond. Inter-State cooperation in Europe is, therefore, premised, in politics and in the functional environment of law, on subjecting the exercise of public powers both at national and European level to similar constitutional requirements.

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