• Call for papers - Language

    Between ethics and semiotics. Signs and nature in the Anthropocene era

    “Filosofi(e)Semiotiche” journal (Il Sileno Edizioni), volume 9, n. 1, 2022

    The Anthropocene, unlike other previous eras, is commonly recognized as the era in which the impact of human beings is most incisive in determining the dynamics of the climate and the planet in which we live. With this Call we intend, therefore, to highlight some aspects of the Anthropocene in order to suggest a rethinking of the relationship between human nature and the surrounding environment ; this will allow us to specify how ethics and semiotics can be used in a rethinking of these two categories, and, in general, of the link between language and nature, which inevitably involves the need to review our ways of “making world”.

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  • Venice | Mestre

    Call for papers - History

    4a Conferenza Nazionale di Public History dell’AIPH

    The Italian Association of Public History (AIPH) announces the 4th National Public History Conference at the Museum M9 for the history of Italy in the 20th century in Mestre, from the 27th of May 2022 to the 31st May 2022. The 4th AIPH National Conference of Venice-Mestre will create new opportunities for discussion and reflection between those who work with the past. The conference will examine ways in which history is present in society today, from universities to public places, in schools and learning institutions, in high and in popular culture, and, finally, in the daily life of our communities. The invitation to participate aims at those who work in the public history sphere and with various professions aiming at the production of historical and educational content. 

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - History

    History of “carabinieri”, gendarmeries and police with military status history

    Italian Society of Military History, in charge to publish the journal Nuova Antologia Militare (NAM), offers the possibility to publish contributions dedicated to the history of “carabinieri”, gendarmeries and police forces with military status. The main fields of interest are the police activities like riot crowd control, public order, investigation activities, patrolling et cetera, but it is not limited to those activities. You could consider focusing your paper on the social role of the personnel, on the development of skills and so on. The call for paper is open to contributions on Police forces during war time with the exception of the role covered as combatant units.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    The environment of history

    Diacronie. Rivista di Storia Contemporanea

    The environment of history is a space in the journal “Diacronie. Rivista di Storia Contemporanea” intended to reflect in a historical perspective on one of the most characterizing themes of recent years, the environmental issue. In this space we wish to host contributions that approach environmental history from a wide spectrum of interpretations. We welcome approaches based on its most classical meaning, as a historical discipline that investigates the relationship between humans and the environment and combines different disciplinary fields, and approaches that foreground new themes, scales of analysis and methodologies.

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  • Metz

    Call for papers - Language

    Principles and actions for second language training, in migratory and pandemic contexts

    This call for papers follows on the colloquium held in Metz in September 2018 and is based on the various measures put in place to welcome migrants through language training. As the context in which we work has evolved, our thinking and actions now take into account the health crisis, which has multiplied the fragilities and vulnerabilities that had increased by the turn of the century with globalization, and even more so, the migration flow, which involved and still involve the responsibility of host societies. As for the new fragilities and vulnerabilities that have emerged in the pandemic context, they concern in particular the freedom of mobility, access to online courses, and the impacts of social distancing.

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  • Rome | Tivoli

    Summer School - Prehistory and Antiquity

    The Antiquity and its receptions

    The Summerschool “The Antiquity and its receptions” is  open to doctoral and advanced MA students, specializing in history, art history, archaeology, philology, or any other discipline linked with the theme of the reception of Antiquity. It is international in nature and aims to establish a multilingual dialogue (French, Italian and English) between the different methodologies in use in Europe, North America and elsewhere, and thus to promote interdisciplinarity. At the same time, it plans to test these methodologies in the field, in collaboration with heritage institutions such as museums, archaeological sites, archives and libraries in Rome and Tivoli.

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  • Pavia

    Call for papers - History

    By What Authority? The Historical narration as a (de)legitimizing instrument

    By what authority? The historical narration as a (de)legitimizing instrument is a Student Conference for graduate students and Ph.D. students who have worked and work on thesis and research projects in the fields of Archeology, Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History. The Student Conference aims to encourage dialogue between students and doctoral students from different backgrounds within an inspiring and stimulating context in which to discuss their ongoing or concluded research.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Thinking the Anthropocene debate with Merleau-Ponty

    Chiasmi International 24, thematic section on “Thinking the Anthropocene debate with Merleau-Ponty,” will investigate the possible convergences and divergences between Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s thinking and the notion of Anthropocene as well as the contributions that the work of the French thinker can offer the latter, in view of its possible enrichment and its further problematization.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    La phénoménologie critique après Merleau-Ponty

    Chiasmi international, 24

    Pour célébrer le 75e anniversaire de la publication de la Phénoménologie de la perception, Chiasmi international publie un dossier spécial en deux parties intitulé « La phénoménologie critique après Merleau-Ponty ». La première partie est incluse dans le n° 23 de la revue. La deuxième paraîtra dans le n° 24, qui sera publié avant fin 2022. Le terme de phénoménologie critique (de l’anglais critical phenomenology) dénote un important renouveau au cœur de la phénoménologie. Le terme indique un horizon bourgeonnant de nouvelles questions et orientations inspirées par les fondateurs de la phénoménologie et cherchant à développer de nouveaux concepts et outils phénoménologiques sertis aux complexes défis éthiques et politiques du XXIe siècle.

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  • Termoli

    Seminar - Language

    Seminari di Linguistica Forense

    Società Italiana di Linguistica Forense

    Per l’anno 2022 la SILF (Società Italiana di Linguistica Forense), in partnership con il Centro di Ricerca “Lo Stilo di Fileta” - Polo didattico dell'Università eCampus, organizza un percorso formativo di otto incontri seminariali, che al loro volta saranno parte integrante del programma della Scuola di Linguistica forense.

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  • Siena

    Seminar - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Classicamente. Dialoghi senesi sul mondo antico

    Diritto e Ritualità

    The full online seminar “Diritto e Ritualità” 10-11 November 2021 will focus on questions of Greek law and ritual forms in the ancient world, investigated through the lens of anthropology. We will explore the relationship between rhetoric and law, the evidence of judicial practices in literary sources and some issues related to the analysis of specific epigraphic sources (defixiones and prayers for justice). In the second day, we will try to put some ritual forms of the ancient world into context. In particular, we will investigate the function of knucklebones in Greek sanctuaries and the relationship between the ludic dimension and the ritual one. Late antique adoratio will also be discussed in light of the most recent theories developed by Anthropology and Ritual Studies.

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  • Quito | Mexico City

    Conference, symposium - Modern

    Climate change and digital sound and audiovisual preservation

    IV International Congress of Digital Archives

    El cambio climático es el proceso que pone en riesgo la vida, la salud y el desarrollo de las naciones. De acuerdo con la Organización de las Naciones Unidas, en muchos países las temperaturas han presentado niveles máximos sin precedentes, los niveles de gases de efecto invernadero están aumentando, el nivel del mar está subiendo y los desastres naturales se agravan. Las soluciones encaminadas a crear economías verdes y sustentables van acompañadas de cambios en diferentes aspectos de la actividad humana. La investigación científica ocupa un espacio relevante y necesario para formular aportaciones que minimicen el impacto del cambio climático en la sociedad. Uno de los ámbitos poco estudiados, con incidencia en el cambio climático, es el relativo a los archivos digitales sonoros y audiovisuales. No obstante que la preservación digital de archivos sonoros y audiovisuales genera de forma constante basura tecnológica y requiere del uso continuo de energía.

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  • Call for papers - Law

    Gender, History, and Law

    Special Issue of Clio@Themis

    This call for article proposals sets the stage for a special section of issue 25 (2023) of the journal Clio@Themis. It is open to all scholars—whatever their relationship to the academy—from all disciplines, who work on questions that bring law and gender into conversation. The coordinators of this special section aim to reinvigorate how these questions are studied, so we are especially eager to read work from junior scholars, who we encourage to submit.

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - History

    Transcrire l’oralité politique dans l’Italie communale (XIIe-début du XVe siècle)

    La prise de parole en assemblée caractérise la vie politique et institutionnelle de l’Italie communale. Pour autant, notamment en raison du manque de discours conservés, les travaux consacrés à la transcription de l’oralité politique et à la diversité de ses expressions (au-delà de l’assemblée) sont encore rares. Cette journée d’étude, qui se tiendra à Rome le 28 avril 2022, est envisagée comme un atelier d’échange permettant la mise en commun de travaux réalisés ou en cours sur cette thématique. Elle a pour but d’engager des chercheurs et chercheuses aux approches méthodologiques distinctes dans une lecture collective de la spécificité des sources écrites transmettant une oralité politisée. L’objectif est de dégager des grilles d’analyse conjointes, des problématisations transversales et de nourrir une réflexion commune sur les apports et les limites d’une histoire du monde communal fondée sur ces documents.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Assist and Unify? Nation Building and Welfare in the Upper Adriatic and Eastern Baltic Sea Region in the 20th Century

    Monographic issue of «Qualestoria. Rivista di storia contemporanea»

    Questioning the primacy of the nation-state, a special issue of Qualestoria to be published in December 2022 aims to analyze how different welfare practices have represented a tool of nation-building in territories contested by various national groups or states. To what extent have different political contexts affected the use of welfare for nation-building purposes? What role have welfare practices played in strengthening the position of the titular nation or in attempting to integrate/assimilate minorities? What outcomes have “bottom-up” initiatives propelled? The special issue will try answer these questions with a focus on the eastern Baltic Sea region and the Upper Adriatic. Contributions related to other east central European areas will also be considered.

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  • Milan | Mantova

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    History, architecture and heritage: building the architectural identity. Milan, Europe (1796-1848)

    Ce colloque international propose une réflexion collective et transdisciplinaire sur les multiples significations du concept de patrimoine architectural, artistique et culturel dans la période comprise entre la fin du XVIIIe et la première moitié du XIXe siècle. Le champ géographique d’investigation s’ouvre aux principales villes italiennes et européennes qui ont été touchées par le phénomène de redécouverte mais aussi de réutilisation - parfois abusive - de leur patrimoine architectural et culturel au cours de cette période. Le colloque propose ainsi de réfléchir sur le concept de « patrimoine » entre 1796 et 1848 en Europe, son évolution et ses interprétations en rapport avec l’histoire de l'architecture et de la ville.

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  • Mendrisio

    Call for papers - Representation

    Tradition, Persistence, and Innovation in Artistic Craftsmanship and in Building and Architectural Production between the Napoleonic Era and the Restoration

    Milan in a European Context

    With Milan proclaimed first the capital of the Cisalpine Republic in 1797 (from 1802, Italian Republic) and then in 1805 the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, the city was challenged to reconsider and rebuild its image and its urban spaces in order to adapt them to its new role. Part of a network of capitals responding to a single central power, both political and cultural, Milan experienced a period that featured significant incentives for public and private architectural building works and for the transformation of urban spaces. These conditions make the Lombard capital a privileged context in which to investigate the multiple forms of organization of artisanal and artistic work, as well as the circulation of people and materials. The seminar aims to reflect on the dialectic between the new status quo and the centuries-old stratified traditions inherent to the Milanese territory, also taking into consideration the Restoration period, when, in the new political-administrative structure of the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom, Milan, while remaining the capital, found itself in a new context that established a variety of artistic geographies.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Middle Ages

    « Le Forme dell'acqua » dans la « Divine Comédie »

    Symposium franco-italien à l'occasion du sept centième anniversaire de la mort de Dante Alighieri

    À l’occasion du sept centième anniversaire de la mort de Dante (14 septembre 2021), l’académie française de l’eau, l’institut culturel italien et l’Ambassade d’Italie proposent un après-midi d’échanges franco-italiens consacré à la représentation que Dante fait des fleuves et de l’eau dans toute ses formes, symboles et significations. Une nouvelle lecture « éco-critique » de la littérature dantesque est aujourd’hui possible, afin de restituer la richesse des métaphores aquatiques dans leurs rapports avec l’environnement.

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  • Call for papers - History

    SISS Conference of Early Career Scholars in History of Science

    SISS Conference of Early Career Scholars in History of Science

    This conference will be devoted to exploring the richness of approaches, methodologies, and themes of the discipline in order to showcase a wide range of studies and provide a picture of the current state of research in the field of history of science in Italy and beyond. Consequently, the focus of this first event, which it is hoped will be held annually, has been purposefully left open in terms of topics as well as methodological and historiographical approaches. The interdisciplinary approach of the conference is combined with a broad historical scope, stretching from antiquity to the present, in order to highlight the trajectories of the various scientific disciplines in diverse traditions and geographical contexts – from the natural and hard sciences to the medical and clinical disciplines; from social, economic, and political science to cognitive science.

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  • Coimbra

    Seminar - Europe

    Universidades. Redes e Identidades

    Este seminário é composto por quatro sessões em cada ano académico e pretende ser um espaço de discussão e problematização sobre as Universidades numa perspetiva glocal. Está aberto à discussão das interconexões entre as várias instituições de ensino na Europa; ao seu papel na construção das identidades e na reflexão em torno do(s) outro(s); à importância que assumiram enquanto focos emergentes e difusores de correntes culturais e movimentos intelectuais no mundo europeu e extra-europeu.

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